Captring Hi8 video

Widetrack wrote on 1/11/2020, 6:37 PM

I'm trying to capture old Hi8 video to VP17 by playing a Hi8 camcorder into a good Sony HVR-M15AU DVCam Deck, and passing the converted video through to the computer.

I have everything connected right, and by putting a blank tape into the DVdeck, setting it to Rec/Play/Pause, and playing the Hi8 camcorder, I see the video on the monitor of the Vegas video capture utility. This is all great. Time to get another coffee and watch the magic.


In order to capture the converted DV signal, I have to click the "Capture" button in Vegas Capture. But as soon as I do that, Vegas turns on the "Play" function on the DV deck, which immediately stops the deck from converting the Hi8.

Is there a way to capture the converted signal from the DV deck to Vegas using the Vegas Capture utility? If not, is there another utility that will capture from my setup?

Thanks to all for any suggestions.


Musicvid wrote on 1/11/2020, 6:41 PM

Turn off Device Control in Vidcap. That should help.

JN- wrote on 1/11/2020, 6:46 PM

I captured my vhs tapes using the Vegas capture software.

I had an old JVC mini DV camcorder that takes line input.

I purchased a PCI-E firewire card for my PC.

I connected the VHS player OUT to the JVC DV line IN and then I connected the JVC camcorder Firewire OUT to the Firewire card IN on the PC.  Note, leave mini DV without tape, put in play mode, enable line-in in the DV camcorder menu.  In the Vegas capture software, under options/preferences disable/un-check “Enable DV device control “.

The files saved are a fixed standard DV25 .avi.  Because of going through the electronics of the Mini DV camcorder the result is superior than the poorer, usually USB, digital capture devices.

If you have, or can purchase an old DV camcorder with line in its the way to go.


To use the JVC camcorder as passthrough... i.e. output of VCR to JVC camcorder input and then JVC camcorder output to PC firewire input.

In JVC menu set ...


In Vegas set “Device Control” to disabled.

Remove tape from JVC.

Set JVC to “Play” mode

Firewire card ...



VFR2CFR, Variable frame rate to Constant frame rate link to zip here.

Copies Video Converts Audio to AAC, link to zip here.

Convert 2 Lossless, link to ZIP here.

Convert Odd 2 Even (frame size), link to ZIP here

Benchmarking Continued thread + link to zip here

Codec Render Quality tables zip


PC ... Corsair case, own build ...

CPU .. i9 9900K, iGpu UHD 630

Memory .. 32GB DDR4

Graphics card .. MSI RTX 2080 ti

Graphics driver .. latest studio

PSU .. Corsair 850i

Mboard .. Asus Z390 Code


Laptop… XMG

i9-11900k, iGpu n/a

Memory 64GB DDR4

Graphics card … Laptop RTX 3080

Widetrack wrote on 1/11/2020, 6:47 PM

Musicvid: Exactly what I've been looking for and haven't found. Just looked again and still no go. Where do I find the switch??

Widetrack wrote on 1/11/2020, 6:56 PM

Ok. I got it. First one under the General tab. I was foolishly looking under the Capture and Advanced Capture tabs. Ha ha.

Thank you, gentlemen.


Musicvid wrote on 1/11/2020, 8:08 PM

No, they didn't make it easy to find.

Widetrack wrote on 1/11/2020, 8:10 PM

But thanks to you and JN, it's working great now! Vegas Forum Wins again!!!