Changing order of media generated text

Jody-Nasworthy wrote on 9/12/2019, 3:15 PM

I'm using Vegas Pro 17 for Windows 10. I was wondering if there is a way to alter the order of text presets inside of the media generator. I would love to put my own presets at the top of the list so they are the first ones to be seen and I won't have to scroll all the way to the bottom for mine. Any help would be great. BTW, thanks for the help with my last problem.


Musicvid wrote on 9/12/2019, 4:13 PM

Custom presets are added at the end of the list, at least in VP14.

I know of no way to change this sorry.

It's a good feature request, though, if you want to frame it that way.

3POINT wrote on 9/13/2019, 12:11 AM

Do you really need those dull already installed presets? Would you like to see only your own presets? If Yes, see screenshot and rename "preset" folder to "preset x" (as administrator).

resulting in: these are my own made presets

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Jody-Nasworthy wrote on 9/13/2019, 8:18 AM

DUDE!! 3POINT, you are da man! That was just what the DR. ordered. Thank you so very much!