clearing cache

Roger Bansemer wrote on 10/4/2022, 7:39 AM

How do I clear cache without resetting all the defaults?

Looks to me that if I check the "Delete all..." box using the ctrl shift and clicking the vegas icon method it will also reset all the shortcut keys, etc that I've set up.


Musicvid wrote on 10/4/2022, 7:59 AM

Restarting Vegas clears your memory cache. Sometimes a process will linger (they are aware of it), so rebooting your computer or using KillAllVegas from HOS will ensure a clean start.

DMT3 wrote on 10/4/2022, 8:10 AM

Yes, doing a reset changes everything back to default, so all file locations, shortcuts, etc. are defaulted.

Roger Bansemer wrote on 10/4/2022, 9:18 AM

That answers the question. Thanks very much.