Close Caption: Embedding into a mp4 file with no scc file posssible?

Julius_ wrote on 2/21/2023, 1:38 PM

Yes, I read the manual....for 2 hours now and still struggling here.

Okay, I know how to create CC and supply a mp4 and the scc file....Now the client is asking for me to give them 1 file only with CC as an mp4 file (and small file sizes).

Looking at the manual, Windows Media is perfect and I tested it out and worked great...all in one file.

Client not happy, wants it in mp4 and 1 file only.

I've been testing various mp4 templates that can include cc (as Windows Media does)...all failures.

The manual states "When you render to a format that does not support embedded captioning markers, an .SCC file is created using the base name of the rendered media file."

So which render format does?? (mp4 only because I have a difficult client)



Musicvid wrote on 2/21/2023, 4:26 PM

It's better done in Handbrake, which will also burn in MP4 subtitles if you wish.

DMT3 wrote on 2/21/2023, 4:39 PM

Need to clarify terminology. A CC track is not the same as a subtitle track. According to the article that Musicvid linked, CC tracks within an MP4 become subtitles. Do you need an actual CC, or are subtitles acceptable?

Julius_ wrote on 2/22/2023, 12:08 PM

It has to be a true CC, not subtitles

DMT3 wrote on 2/22/2023, 12:44 PM

I may be wrong but I think the only MP4/h264 that can contain embedded closed caption has to be in a Quicktime wrapper.