Color Curve plugin

pawan-jalan wrote on 9/5/2019, 6:12 AM

Need help with color curve plugin.

I have a Vegas 13 project with multiple clips taken in the same spot just different shots. I've used the color curve plugin to change the settings for one of the clips and want to apply that to others. unfortunately I cannot use copy-paste attributes as I don't want to copy other stuff and like pan/crop. Is there a way to do this in Vegas 13?

I know a later version of Vegas has the feature of selectively copy-pasting attributes. I also want to avoid having to move these clips into a separate track and adding the plugin at the track level. I couldnt find any coordinate settings in the plugin, so am doing this visually which is very tedious and it's not perfect so when transitioning from one clip to another, the changes in color contrast are a bit jarring.




Marco. wrote on 9/5/2019, 6:24 AM

Save your custom Color Curves FX setting as a preset, then use a script solution to apply this preset to all selected timeline Events.

Musicvid wrote on 9/5/2019, 6:28 AM

Or apply it as a track effect.

Former user wrote on 9/5/2019, 9:25 AM

You can also apply color effect in the media pool

pawan-jalan wrote on 9/5/2019, 6:29 PM

thanks marco, will try it out!