rs170a wrote on 11/25/2021, 6:55 AM

See if any of the replies on these posts help. Be advised that the links used on the Creative Cow forum no longer work as they were from the days when Sony still owned it.

Musicvid wrote on 11/25/2021, 9:10 PM

For the non-math version, think of it as a smart bomb that affects not only the target pixel, but leaves fallout on neighboring pixels. Then multiply that by thousands of target pixels and their neighbors in each frame, and you can see why it is terribly slow, and very thorough; of course GIGO rules here.

Is my analogy reasonable, Mike?


rs170a wrote on 11/26/2021, 5:50 AM

@Musicvid, that sounds good to me. It's been a very long time since I've looked at this particular FX hence my posting other threads for the OP to look at.