Disappearing files

walter-born wrote on 11/27/2019, 10:18 AM

Just encountered something weird. In the middle of cutting and assembling a short sequence the original file that I prerendered before cutting dissapeared.
It is no longer in the folder ot was and not in the recycle bin as well.

Prerendered some material to 1080 then imported and cut out several bits.
After colourgrading and adjusting sound, I moved event attributes from one clip to another.
Then marked region and pressing export to. Rendering started and overwrote....oh well...the origin of the same name...

Just a hint, really be careful to give your files you are rendering different names. I just deleted the source file by rendering above.
Would have been nice to have a backup.

No questions here, just a hint. Oh well, starting all over.... 4 hours lost.


Musicvid wrote on 11/27/2019, 2:31 PM

Prerender is volatile by design.

Render to New Track is durable.