DIY Computer Build Sites or "Pre-Fab" Win 10 Machines

Gustavo-Miranda wrote on 11/2/2020, 4:22 PM


Does anyone have a recommendation for a reputable and economical DIY computer build site, or maybe current products that have met the challenge of a Win10/Vegas Pro 18 system economically? If so, please skip the rest of my verbal onslaught and let me know.

For everyone else, here is "the rest of the story..."

The small "mom & pop" computer shop that I had been using over the past 25-ish years in Pasadena, CA for all of my post-production custom computer builds and needs, has sadly closed its doors. I am really, really sad that I didn't know sooner...perhaps if I and several others like myself had contacted Mike (the owner) sooner, he might have survived. Really, sincerely sad...

Under normal circumstances, I would give my friend specs like those listed for Vegas Pro 18, and ask him to make something a couple of notches above. This time, I was hoping to go <$1,800. He never let me down!

Unfortunately, now I have to buy something that will perform without breaking the bank. For that, I have found several DIY "build sites", but I've never dealt with any of them. I have friends that have used Dell business, but that was for an office setting, nothing like what Vegas Pro 18 will need to perform.

Thanks in advance for your responses! Blessings!!

Gustavo Miranda


Musicvid wrote on 11/2/2020, 6:55 PM

Your choices are somewhat different depending on whether for video editing, gaming, or business.

One of the best benchmark sites for categorizing by intended use is

Then you can choose a set of specs and components, and shop the sales until you find what suits your needs.

Reyfox wrote on 11/3/2020, 6:42 AM

I feel your pain. I've been building my own PC's since 1993. Then did it for companies (along with building the network structure) and custom builds for individuals. So, I still build my own. I fully understand getting something that is plug and play, but going to a "best buy" is problematic with their sales practices, and buying from pc builders, you have to know your parts, and not be "nudged" into buying what they have in stock and have a good markup on. I built my computer (signature) for much less than what a pre-built would cost. I did recycle my video card, but that's it. Using X570 motherboard too.

As @Musicvid says, you have to define what you are going to do with the PC. Gaming PC's usually work well for video editing. Here is a Dell that might work for you. But I would wait until Black Friday sales, or Christmas holiday sales before pulling the "trigger" on anything now.

I would also ask what specific motherboard model they are using.


Gustavo-Miranda wrote on 11/3/2020, 1:34 PM

Thank you Musicvid & Reyfox!

I really appreciate your input and information. I'll be keeping my eyes open for those special sale dates and leverage that to my favor.

Again, thanks!