From Sony HDV Firewire to USB-C

Visuell-Affekt wrote on 6/30/2020, 1:27 PM

I have an "old" Sony HDV 1080i Digital Video handycam and the only output is V/A, Composite and Firewire IEEE-1394. I have earlier used the FireWire to get the full video in 1080i into a normal PC with a FireWire inlet, but now i only have lapotops with UCB-C 3.1. I have searched online and in local PC stores without finding any adapter from FireWire to USB-C. Any suggesions on how I can get the DV from mini-tapes over to the laptops?


j-v wrote on 6/30/2020, 1:49 PM

Impossible on modern laptops to hold the quality with all sorts of converters from FiWi to USB
I did it always on a laptop PC in which I build my old firewire card and for W10 used the legacy drivers. Copy past the DV-Avi's and HDV 's from desktop to laptop.

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Musicvid wrote on 6/30/2020, 1:50 PM

I have no earthly idea if Vegas Vidcap will recognize these, but it's cheap enough to try. You just need a USB A -to- USB C cable.


set wrote on 6/30/2020, 5:01 PM

Read the Customer's Q&A, reviews... seems doesn't work...

Musicvid wrote on 6/30/2020, 5:43 PM

Yeah, looks like they all have about the same ratings.