Has anyone been able to do automatic audio sync? VP18

ccscotty wrote on 9/25/2020, 9:08 PM

I just upgraded from Pro 15 Edit to Pro 18 Edit with my main interest being the automatic audio sync feature. At least with my initial testing it fails at aligning clips properly. Usually it gives me a popup saying it failed. I've tried short clips where it won't attempt it. I've tried ~5 minute long clips where it fails even when I have the same words start near the beginning of the mp4+scratch audio and my external audio track that I'm trying to align. Is the feature tools > multicamera > synchronize audio to align events the feature that's suppose to align the tracks or is it somewhere else?

My first test with with a DJI Osmo Action's 2.7K 29.97 fps MP4 as the scratch audio and an Olympus LS-P4 set to 48khz 24-bit in FLAC compression that had a lapel microphone attached to it. I was outdoors, so maybe the wind noise in the Osmo Action's footage is making it impossible for the feature to work. I'll have to eventually try other projects. Maybe in the future I should use something to mimic a slate clap to get loud clicks in each track? Does anyone have tips on this feature?

I see that the 3rd party "PluralEyes" software is an option but at $300 just for that, especially after $200 for the Vegas 18 upgrade, I was hoping this Vegas feature would function. :(



fr0sty wrote on 9/25/2020, 9:32 PM

VEGAS' implementation isn't anywhere near pluraleyes, but it can help. It's best to start with small clips. even if you've got to cut a section out of bigger clips to do it, to cut down on processing time and increase accuracy.



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Musicvid wrote on 9/25/2020, 10:25 PM

Same is actually true in Pluraleyes, the smaller the regions to compare, the better chance for success.

ccscotty wrote on 9/25/2020, 10:56 PM

Thanks guys, I'll keep experimenting with it.