Have VEGAS and movie studio's market been nibbled away

xcxz-a wrote on 10/18/2020, 7:29 PM

Look at the subscriptors.


In youtube, VEGAS and movie studio's heat is getting lower and lower. And other emerging video editors are getting more and more attention. Such as Wondershare

Does VEGAS and movie studio's market been nibbled away? What reason make this happen? More fashion-forward features? More modern UI?


Steve_Rhoden wrote on 10/18/2020, 7:48 PM

Again with another of your doom for Vegas conversation piece i see, haven't this been done enough already?...What positive feedback you possibly hope to achieve by starting a thread/post like this?

Former user wrote on 10/18/2020, 8:07 PM

They do some weird marketing thing, where no matter what you search for as far as general video editing questions, you'll get a wondershare link with the answer and then as you read down the page they'll tell you about filmora, and how it's the editor you should be using. I have it, just not opened for a long time. it is stable, faster playback then vegas, but a basic editor with less features than Vegas, and can't use OFX or VST plugins

While it is a good editor for the money, it's the search engine stuff that is helping them out the most I feel.

You want to know what are the 15 best Adobe AfterEffects plugins are? Wondershare Filmora will tell you!... and try to sell you filmora

xcxz-a wrote on 10/18/2020, 10:34 PM

@Former userΒ It sounds a nice marketing method.

RogerS wrote on 10/19/2020, 1:02 AM

If you pay money you can get more views on YouTube, Facebook or Google Search. Filmora appears to spend more on marketing.

A friend of mine new to editing began using it. It is also an approachable program aimed at the beginner side of the market. It lacks a lot of features but also doesn't have the confusing legacy options Vegas and Movie Studio does after being developed for so many years. So kudos to them for an accessible user experience.

Reyfox wrote on 10/19/2020, 4:31 AM

Usually you will see "ad" in front of those searches that appear at the top. Pay the money, and you too will be placed there.

There are many consumer editors out there. Some paid, some free. For most of the consumer video editors out there, using what is available in the under $100 price range, the are fine. But if you get the editing "bug", you will begin to look for other software that does more.

Musicvid wrote on 10/20/2020, 4:27 PM


You have been here one month, and you are already casting misinformation and vitriol? I can see already where this is going ...