Homeowner Tip for the Smokebound

Musicvid wrote on 9/13/2020, 10:31 PM

Isn't Oxygen Wonderful? Here's a Homeowner Tip. I was ready for the fires this year and my plan worked; no ER visit, no antibiotics, and back on my feet! I have an enclosed balcony, so addressing the ingress through my sliding glass doors was relatively easy. Mylar sheets (actually oversized shower curtain liners from BB&B), sealed except for one passage, construction-zone style. The ionizer (right) is blowing right on the sheets, giving them a negative charge. The dust, smoke, and pollen attaches itself right to the plastic, where it stays put until squeegeed off. The new ionizer filters have turned jet black in just a month. Another ionizer unit and A/C inside the door keeps the odor down. I saved myself both an ambulance ride and an estimated $100 on heating bills since I put it up last winter. I hope these ideas save at least one household from the misery I know you felt this August. Best.