Musicvid wrote on 9/21/2022, 4:14 PM

If it isn't encrypted, convert it in Handbrake first.

Edward-Rousseau wrote on 9/22/2022, 9:36 AM

No encryption. Thank you very much.

Musicvid wrote on 9/22/2022, 11:21 AM

In that case, Handbrake should rip straight from the disc.

Edward-Rousseau wrote on 9/22/2022, 2:02 PM

I was planning to use Handbrake to generate a file that I would feed to VP20. You are suggesting that HB can be used as a VP20 plug-in?

diverG wrote on 9/22/2022, 3:31 PM

Handbrake is not a vegas plug in. Suggest you Google handbrake, download & install.

There are many ready made templates built in. Maybe a little research on utube would help.

Good luck.


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Edward-Rousseau wrote on 9/22/2022, 4:00 PM

Thank you. That kind of threw me a bit.

Musicvid wrote on 9/22/2022, 5:32 PM

I was planning to use Handbrake to generate a file that I would feed to VP20. You are suggesting that HB can be used as a VP20 plug-in?

Sorry, Handbrake is a separate, open-source GPL application with no connection whatsoever to Vegas, which is a commercial application. We use it so much, it is more like a country cousin.

You should make a Constant Frame Rate file in Handbrake for trouble-free import.

Others here are also recommending Shutter Encoder, once again an entirely separate encoding application. IDK if it rips straight from disk. Google is your friend 😏

Edward-Rousseau wrote on 9/23/2022, 9:18 AM

Got it. Thank you very much. I'm confident this will take care of my dilemma. All the best...Ed

Gid wrote on 9/23/2022, 9:49 AM

@Edward-Rousseau Hi, you should mark Musicvid's comment as the Solution not your own.

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Edward-Rousseau wrote on 9/23/2022, 4:42 PM

Thank you. Can you tell I'm new?