Movie studio platinum 13.0 audio uploads

Brooke-Weeber wrote on 4/12/2020, 11:39 PM


I am currently working on a video for Mother’s Day. I have audio recordings from my siblings to place at the beginning of the video. I had to convert the audio recordings from an AMR file to a M4A file to upload the files to my iTunes library, which was successfully done, but now I am unable to drag the audio recordings and drop them into the audio slot of the movie studio platinum 13.0. I feel that adding the audio recordings to the video will create significant personalization. Please help.


Steve Grisetti wrote on 4/13/2020, 7:11 AM

Convert the audio to an MP3 or WAV file.

Musicvid wrote on 4/14/2020, 5:37 PM

The conversion to mp3 can be done in iTunes.