One entire track has gone blurry ...?

Audrey-M wrote on 11/23/2020, 5:55 PM

So this is a new one ... suddenly one entire track of my timeline has gone blurry. There is no envelope and no effects applied to the entire track, though some of the individual elements on that track do have gaussian blur applied. And speaking of gaussian blur, a few - but not all - of those segments have some weird opacity issues. None of the other tracks are affected. This just started last night; I shut down the program and restarted, shut down the whole computer and restarted, but the problem persists. This is on a documentary-length production, and I just started final edits on the last third! 😧

Any suggestions?


Musicvid wrote on 11/23/2020, 6:26 PM

You have backed up your projects incrementally, correct?

Your misapplied blur filter can be at the media, track, event, or output levels. Checked them all?

Audrey-M wrote on 11/24/2020, 1:57 PM

Hi Musicvid,

Going through it bit by bit, if it was on the output, then everything would be blurry;
Media on that track that previously didn't have the blur applied were blurred;
I could pull a blurry media segment to another track and the blur went away (the key for me);
And everything on that particular track was blurry, so it has to be an issue with the track; the puzzling part is no track effects or envelopes were applied to the track.

I ended up moving the media to another track, everything looks fine now and luckily that didn't take too long. The nerd in me wants to know how it got weird, but I need to just move on!

Thanks for the troubleshooting ideas; I hereby resolve to be more diligent on my dual backups (it had been a while)!

jetdv wrote on 11/24/2020, 2:50 PM

If you post the VEG file, maybe someone else can find the reason.

michael-harrison wrote on 11/24/2020, 4:48 PM

If you moved the media to another track and the problem went away, it's most likely that you either have an effect on the track or you had the track pan/crop zoomed in.

Another possibility is a mostly-transparent event on a track above the blurry event, but I'd have thought you would have known if you'd done that.

System 1:

Windows 10
i9-10850K 10 Core
128.0G RAM
Nvidia RTX 3060 Studio driver [most likely latest]
Resolution        3840 x 2160 x 60 hertz
Video Memory 12G GDDR5


System 2:

Lenovo Yoga 720
Core i7-7700 2.8Ghz quad core, 8 logical
16G ram
Intel HD 630 gpu 1G vram
Nvidia GTX 1050 gpu 2G vram


jetdv wrote on 11/25/2020, 9:24 AM

There is no such thing as "track pan/crop". Pan/Crop is at the event level. Track Motion is at the track level.