Pan video is shakey

Luke-Power wrote on 2/15/2021, 3:44 PM

Hello. I have a problem that has been frustrating me for a few days. I have a video recorded at 60fps that I have slowed to about 15fps. The slow motion on its own looks satisfactory. The problem I am having is I also need to pan the video clip as it is playing. I have done this by adding keyframes in the pan/crop menu. Once the video starts panning it becomes shaky. When I frame by frame advance my video in the pan/crop menu I can see what is happening. The pan I have set has resulted in the region being displayed to wobble back and forth very slightly causing a shaking (more like vibrating) effect when played back. The pan moves, then next frame moves back, then next frame moves forward, then next frame moves back, and so on. Any ideas what can I do to solve this? Thank you.


EricLNZ wrote on 2/15/2021, 4:35 PM

Is your 60fps source file interlaced?

Luke-Power wrote on 2/15/2021, 4:46 PM

The file is progressive. However the project setting is 1080-60i (1920x1080, 29.970 fps). I did try changing project settings but that did not seem to have an effect. Although if you have a specific setting in mind I didn't try them all and am certainly willing to try it.

EricLNZ wrote on 2/15/2021, 8:12 PM

Do you see the problem after rendering?

Luke-Power wrote on 2/15/2021, 8:22 PM

Good question, yes.

J-Toresen wrote on 2/16/2021, 3:22 AM

Luke-Power. What happens if you first render the slow-mo file (without pan-crop), and then use pan and crop on the new file?

Jøran Toresen

Musicvid wrote on 2/16/2021, 5:42 AM

Try different resample settings. 15fps with smooth pan is not easy to simulate.

Luke-Power wrote on 2/16/2021, 1:26 PM

I tried rendering the file in slow motion first and then using the pan crop on the rendered file. Still had the shaky result. As to resample I try to avoid that as it tends to produce ghost images with the vast motion I have. I want to share a solution that I found (although this was a lot of work) I set a keyframe for each frame in my video. Then I adjusted each frame to position to eliminate back and forth. Took many hours but did yield a satisfactory result. Thanks to those who offered advice.

Emily-Karp wrote on 10/14/2022, 3:28 PM

"Then I adjusted each frame to position to eliminate back and forth. Took many hours but did yield a satisfactory result. " I'm not sure how you figured out how to even do that. Like. I don't understand how to copy what you did and actually adjust it in a way that eliminates the tiny movements in the pan keyframes... idk I'm finding it very difficult to fix this on literal just panning over photographs.

fr0sty wrote on 10/14/2022, 5:18 PM

try setting resample to optical flow.



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