Problem with AAV Color Lab Plugin in Vegas 13

Andrzej-Mankowski wrote on 8/23/2020, 3:45 AM

Hi, it suddenly turned out yesterday (after I turned on my computer) that there is no AAV Color Lab plug in my Vegas 13. It has been on the FX list in this Vegas for over 5 years - and suddenly it disappeared. Only a slight error message with filters popped up. Repeated attempts to reinstall the AAV - they did not give anything. I.e. the wizard seems to be doing the installation correctly, but AAV does not think to jump into the FX list in Vegas. AAV is one of the older plugins - it is certainly over 10 years old. Its installation file is .msi. My computer works with Win 7 Professional. 5.5 years it has worked - and suddenly it stopped. Have any of you met with a similar problem? I'll add that I used a compatibility tool and it turned out that AAV is... incompatible with Win 7:


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So I did the installation from the CMD level to make sure I'm installing as an administrator - unfortunately it didn't work either. I did a Vegas 13 update, and also reinstalled it when the update did not work. Still no change - AAV still doesn't want to jump into my Vegas FXs. And without AAV, like without a hand for coloring... Would any of you have any idea what to do about it?


RogerS wrote on 8/23/2020, 6:05 AM

I have it working with Vegas 17 and Windows 10 so it's possible. I don't know what's going wrong here as I didn't have problems installing it.

I don't have Vegas 13 however.

Custom PC (2022) Intel i5-13600K with UHD 770 iGPU with latest driver, MSI z690 Tomahawk motherboard, 64GB Corsair DDR5 5200 ram, NVIDIA 2080 Super (8GB) with latest studio driver, 2TB Hynix P41 SSD, Windows 11 Pro 64 bit

Dell XPS 15 laptop (2017) 32GB ram, NVIDIA 1050 (4GB) with latest studio driver, Intel i7-7700HQ with Intel 630 iGPU (latest available driver), dual internal SSD (256GB; 1TB), Windows 10 64 bit

VEGAS Pro 19.651
VEGAS Pro 21.108

VEGAS 4K "sample project" benchmark:
VEGAS Pro 20 "Ad" benchmark:

walter-i. wrote on 8/23/2020, 9:41 AM

same here

Steve_Rhoden wrote on 8/23/2020, 11:29 AM

Restart your system and try again...

kplo wrote on 8/23/2020, 1:50 PM

Works with my V13 Win 7 Pro computer.

Intel i7 6700k, 16GB Ram, Radeon RX460 w/only4GB.

Perhaps it's not uninstalling completely? I check the registry to make sure program "leftovers" are gone, though many folks don't feel comfortable doing that.


Andrzej-Mankowski wrote on 8/24/2020, 6:23 AM

The AAV case has just been clarified. Avast was guilty: it suddenly put AAV into his quarantine. I ordered to restore it and add AAV as an exception. My colleague reported to Avast's headquarters that AAV is not a virus but a video plugin. They thanked for this information. Uff...

EricLNZ wrote on 8/24/2020, 6:42 AM

It appears to be a wider issue with Avast as per this recent post from Magix on the Magix Community Forum

Musicvid wrote on 8/24/2020, 12:30 PM

Avast and AVG stole and sold your personal information for their own gain for years. Highly unrecommended.

Steve_Rhoden wrote on 8/24/2020, 2:28 PM

Yep, Avast and AVG are two messed up software security companies that must be avoided..... Andrzej-Mankowski, whenever you have the time, do try and get another Anti-virus app.

walter-i. wrote on 8/24/2020, 2:50 PM

I had also used AAV Color Lab for years - when I set up my new computer at the end of 2019 I simply forgot to install it.

Andrzej-Mankowski wrote on 9/1/2020, 4:25 AM

Perhaps my adventure with AAV blocked by AVAST is a good opportunity to thank Carl Adahl - the creator of the AAV Color Lab plug-in. In my opinion AAV is the most valuable plug-in in Vegas (I think only Plural Eyes is similarly important). So - thank you, Carl;-)