RECENTER Vocals / Vegas Pro 17

crown2020 wrote on 3/25/2022, 9:21 AM

I have a post production problem because I do not have access to the master files. Some vocals are left of center. Some are right of center. Is there a way to bring ALL vocals to center. This is a backup singer(s) issue (for the most part). The LEAD single female vocal is already center.

I did see a VST plug in called "ReCenter". Anyone had a positive experience with it? I am open to suggestions here. T

his was supposed to be record in a "professional studio". I doubt that. Along side of the center issue also lies a 10-30 second gap of dead air between cd tracks. Sheeeesh. Thanks to all, in advance, for your time.


Musicvid wrote on 3/25/2022, 12:37 PM

Sometimes a simple phase shift in one channel will help. Adjusting balance isn't always effective bc it affects everything. I haven't tried the plugin you named. Also listen to it without headphones and see if you really need to do anything.

rraud wrote on 3/26/2022, 11:10 AM

Maybe it was mixed that way, I have encountered many bizarre mixes in my tenure. The only way I can think of that would allow centering the vocals with minimal effect to the instruments, would be extracting the stem tracks and 'remix' with the vocals stem/track centered. The stems can be extracted with Steinberg's SpectraLayers Pro (SLP) or iZ's RX Advanced. SLP does an amazingly good job extracting the stems for projects I have needed it on. Neither SLP or RX is a low budget item, though SLP is included with the Sound Forge Pro 16 Suite version. IMO, SLP alone is worth the upgrade price. SLP has many amazing tools, some are automatic, whereas some have a rather steep learning curve. Extracting stems is basically a single-click command.

OTOH, if you do not mind everything in the music track being moved closer to center that is quick and easy in VP or with one the many 'pan' or 'imaging' plug-ins (free and otherwise). I have used iZ's Multiband Mastering Imager, Voxengo's PHA-979 and the SF Pan/Expand plug-ins to narrow down annoyingly wide stereo mixes.

rraud, Magix Sound Forge forums moderator

ChristoC wrote on 3/27/2022, 5:52 PM

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