Recording stops by itself

Soon_King wrote on 4/10/2020, 2:57 AM

Hi I'm using Vegas Pro 15 with the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen as my interface. Problem is record standby randomly stops input monitoring anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Putting it into record gets it up to around 25 minutes before it eventually stops as well. My laptop has an i7 processor with 32 gig of RAM. Can anybody please help me figure out the problem. Thanks


Musicvid wrote on 4/11/2020, 10:14 AM

Are you using the Focusrite audio driver in Vegas?

You have plenty of RAM.


Soon_King wrote on 4/11/2020, 11:12 PM

Yes I followed the steps to register online as per the instructions. Focusrite ASIO is selected in Vegas Audio Device and I'm getting audio signal loud and clear... I just can't figure out why input monitoring and recording stops after a period of time.

Musicvid wrote on 4/12/2020, 9:06 AM

This used to be a big problem before modern driver technology. It was caused largely by buffer underflow/overflow.

A forum Search for "audio buffers" or "recording stops" brings up dozens of pages of results. @rraud may be able to shed some light on your issue. I assume you are using the latest Focusrite drivers?

rraud wrote on 4/12/2020, 9:50 AM

I have previously read of issues with the Focusrite interface with SF and VP. But I not have an answer. As MV's stated the buffer is usually associated with intermittent issues Try experimenting with different record buffer settings, or use something other than ASIO (if that is an option with the Focusrite). The only trouble I personally had was with another ASIO device, switchig to non-ASIO fixed it Sorry I can't be of much help in this case, I do very little recording directly to PC.

Musicvid wrote on 4/12/2020, 10:51 AM

That might be an option for you, if you can live without real-time (duplex) monitoring and can tolerate increased latency, esp at high sample rates.

BTW what is your recording sample rate presently? Will this be for streaming or Bluray delivery?

Musicvid wrote on 4/12/2020, 10:57 AM

I do very little recording directly to PC.

That reminds me, back when I was recording live events, switching to a Zoom h4n fixed it for me.