j-v wrote on 4/16/2019, 5:37 PM


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2. Your screenshots says nothing about your video except the dimensions of it.
To see all the properties of that file for knowing the right rendertemplate you can use MediaInfo, a free app, look here how to publish here:

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Camera : Pan X900, GoPro Hero7 Hero Black, DJI Osmo Pocket, Samsung Galaxy A8
Desktop :MB Gigabyte Z390M, W10 home version 2004 build 19041.264, i7 9700 4.7Ghz,16 DDR4 GB RAM, Gef. GTX 1660 Ti.
Laptop  :Asus ROG GL753VD, W10 home version 2004 build 19041.264, CPU i7 7700HQ, 8 GB RAM, GeF. GTX 1050 (2 GB) + Int. HD Graphics 630(2GB).VP 17,18 and VMS PL 16,17 are installed, all latest builds
Both Nvidia GPU's have driver version 456.71 Studio Driver.
TV      :LG 4K 55EG960V


Musicvid wrote on 4/16/2019, 6:36 PM

The capability to smart-render in Vegas exists for some AVI and MPG2 sources only. Unfortunately, the abbreviated properties you provided tell us nothing about the encoder / container format you have.

From the VP14.211 help:

Smart Rendering

When you render video to any of the following formats, unedited video frames are passed through without recompression (smart rendering):



IMX MXF (IMX 24p MXF is not supported for no-recompress rendering)



MPEG-2 (for files such as those from HDV and DVD camcorders)

Panasonic P2

XDCAM EX supports smart rendering across the following formats:

SP 18.3 Mbps CBR 1280x720p to/from XDCAM EX and HDV HD-1

SP 25 Mbps CBR 1440x1080i to/from XDCAM EX, XDCAM HD, and HDV HD-2

HQ 35 Mbps VBR 1440x1080 to/from XDCAM EX and XDCAM HD

HQ 35 Mbps VBR 1280x720p to/from XDCAM EX

HQ 35 Mbps VBR 1920x1080 to/from XDCAM EX

In order to perform smart rendering, the width, height, frame rate, field order, profile, level, and bit rate of the source media, project settings, and rendering template must match. Frames that have effects, compositing, or transitions applied will be rendered.

You can clear the Enable no-recompress rendering check box on the General tab of the Preferences dialog to turn the feature off.

EricLNZ wrote on 4/16/2019, 9:01 PM

Vegas Movie Studio smart rendering is more limited than Vegas Pro shown in Musicvid's post.

I don't know about VMS13 but the following is from VMS16Platinum's Help screen: