RogerS wrote on 5/28/2020, 7:12 PM

A lot has changed in the last decade- are there features that you want? Maybe try the demo.

For the suite, the basic editor is the same in both. I've never had the suite Boris features myself.

fifonik wrote on 5/28/2020, 8:00 PM

As always, you should start with your requirements. You do not need to buy a sport car if bike would be more than enough in your situation.

I would not recomment Suite as you will have issues with upgrades later. Get Vegas Pro Edit and then get separate plug-ins that you need.

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NLE: Vegas Pro [Edit] 11, 12, 13, 15, 17

Musicvid wrote on 5/28/2020, 8:13 PM

Vegas Pro 8 has only limited AVC and no 4k support. Upgrading is a good thing.

fr0sty wrote on 5/28/2020, 8:19 PM

Not to mention GPU support, HDR support, now 8k support, color grading, LUT support, hardware decoding support, 360 degree video support, 3D video support, storyboarding, timeline nesting, motion tracking, image stabilization, warp flow, optical flow slow motion, I could go on and on...

But first, READ THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS, as they have gone up a good bit since Vegas 8, then try the demo before you buy.

TheRhino wrote on 5/28/2020, 8:42 PM

Wasn't 8.1 the first 64-bit version of Vegas? LOL...

Version 17 has motion tracking, decent built-in stabilization, improved Nvidia & AMD GPU encoding/decoding, HDR color support, nested timelines (good for keeping preview compilation clips of existing projects updated), etc...

As far as the suite, go to the Boris website & see if you need those add-ons. If you only have 8.1, and author/burn playable DVDs or Blu-rays, then the updated DVD Architect is worth the price-difference... I still have clients that want a DVD / Blu-ray to play a training video on an old break-room TV/DVD player combo, etc. so it is handy to have... If you use the right template in Vegas, DVD Architect doesn't need to re-render the video & it will keep all of your chapter markers from the timeline...

I've been using Vegas since 3.0 & my favorite/stable releases were 10e, 12 & 15... Those 3 rarely crash so sometimes I start a complex/lengthy client project on an earlier version of Vegas, do all of my cuts & splices & color editing before loading the mostly completed project into a later version for better GPU-assisted rendering, etc.

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(note: BOTH onboard Intel & Vega64 show utilization during QSV & VCE renders...)

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3POINT wrote on 5/29/2020, 12:00 AM

sony vegas 8 vs vegas 17, is it worth getting 17? if i want all of the good stuff, should i get the Suite?

When your PC and OS is from the same time area as Vegas 8, you will definitely also need a new PC when upgrading to Vegas 17.

Musicvid wrote on 5/29/2020, 12:03 AM

When your PC and OS is from the same time area as Vegas 8, you will definitely also need a new PC when upgrading to Vegas 17.

Heh, my Vegas 2 machine was a 486.

rraud wrote on 5/29/2020, 9:00 AM

There was both 32 and 64 bit versions of VP-9., not sure about VP-7 and 8. VP-6 was 32 bit only.

neal-flynn wrote on 5/29/2020, 10:42 AM

Thank you all very much for the comments and advice. I think Vegas pro looks worth the investment vs. Vegas Pro edit.

Marco. wrote on 5/29/2020, 10:53 AM

The only difference between Vegas Pro and Vegas Pro Edit is the license for DVD Architect. If you don't author DVDs or Blu-ray discs Vegas Pro Edit is fine.

neal-flynn wrote on 5/29/2020, 10:56 AM

Marco, thank you !! If you need a voice over guy, first one free one me. Have a great weekend-Neal

jetdv wrote on 5/29/2020, 11:44 AM

Vegas Pro 8.1 was released as the first 64-bit version. Vegas Pro 8.0x were all 32-bit. Vegas Pro 7 was 32-bit only.

Steve_Rhoden wrote on 5/29/2020, 1:30 PM

It is worth every penny to upgrade to Vegas Pro 17 from where you are. But remember you now have to be running a 64bit system to do so.

neal-flynn wrote on 5/29/2020, 8:59 PM

I just dragged and dropped a video from my desktop into Vegas 17 and I have no audio. Any tips? There is audio when I play it from my desktop.



Dexcon wrote on 5/29/2020, 9:21 PM

Try Options/Preferences/Audio Device and at the first field (Audio Device Type) check to make sure that the device selection is appropriate to your system. If you are using the bog standard audio of your computer, Microsoft Sound Mapper or Windows Classic Driver should work, but if your computer's audio is directed through another audio device like a sound card or an external audio interface, then the audio device selected in Vegas Pro wou;d likely need to be that audio device/interface.

Also, check that track header as well as Master and Preview Bus settings (the latter 2 in the Mixing Console) aren't muted.