TB Barricade 4 ~ A Perfect Companion for Vegas Pro

Musicvid wrote on 3/25/2022, 12:06 PM

The disclaimer: I have no connection to this plugin developer, other than I was a beta tester for the original TB-EBU plugin, and I was impressed then.

Here's how it works; it is a Compressor and Limiter with advanced Loudness Metering for broadcast and streaming. LM, LS, and ILU all have their own waveform display.

In this example, we are rendering a conservative orchestral piece for Youtube. The compressor, set to 4.5:1 with a quick attack and -18dB threshold yields -15.5 Integrated LUFS, with a really nice 12dB Loudness Range. The safety Limiter (on right) is set to trap >-2dBTP without artifacts. Unfortunately, the piano recording is a bit distorted in the original clip during the loud passage; I've already iZotoped that section as much as I dare.

The display is compelling. Available at https://www.toneboosters.com/#anchor_products


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