Tool for Measuring Render Quality - Version 2


wwaag wrote on 6/26/2020, 8:42 PM

"the FS plugin is in FileIO Plug-Ins"

What do you mean by this? There should not be anything from the FS in the FileIO PlugIns folder, which is "C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 14.0\FileIO Plug-Ins"

You should find it as shown here "C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 14.0\Frameserver.x64.fio2007-config". If you open that file with any text editor, it points to the location of the actual dll which is in this folder "C:\Program Files\Debugmode\FrameServer".

Do you have any type of Virus software that may be preventing the proper installation of DMFS?

Regarding version--3.0 is the correct one.

One easy way to test is to open a project and then start a DMFS render. Then open the signpost avi which has been created with VirtualDub. It its black, then you definitely have a problem with its correct installation. You can use Media Player Classic for testing.

Musicvid wrote on 6/26/2020, 9:51 PM

Upon installing Frameserver, it asks where to install the Vegas plugin. I'll try it again, from scratch, if the default is not to be changed.

I have no antivirus software running, other than stock Windows.



Musicvid wrote on 6/26/2020, 10:18 PM
[FileIO Plug-Ins]
frameserver=C:\Program Files\Debugmode\FrameServer\dfscVegasOut.dll

No change in behavior though. It serves a signpost file that is solid black in MPC-HC. No FS dialog comes up. Should it? I did a totally clean install.

I get the same "Object not Found" when launching RQM.

wwaag wrote on 6/26/2020, 10:34 PM

So long as you attempt to render with video on the timeline, it should not be black. It should "play" the video that is being frameserved. Are you sure that the file "Frameserver.x64.fio2007-config" is found in "C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 14.0\"?

If so, something in your system has prevented the proper registering of the dll's in you System32 folder.

In that case, I'd try this. Uninstall the FrameServer. Then download and install the latest version of HOS, which silently installs the FrameServer. After installation, send me the install log, HappyOtterInstall.log which can be found in C:\Users\<yourName>\Documents\HappyOtterScripts.

If there are no errors report, then try running RQ.

Musicvid wrote on 6/26/2020, 10:49 PM

Are you sure that the file "Frameserver.x64.fio2007-config" is found in "C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 14.0\"?

No, it's not there. It installed to C:\Program Files\Debugmode\Frameserver

Does HOS still have a trial? I am still a buyer, but unfortunately not in 2020...

Musicvid wrote on 6/26/2020, 10:54 PM

I copied the config file to the Vegas Pro 14.0 folder, and still no change in behavior.

wwaag wrote on 6/27/2020, 12:20 AM

Does HOS still have a trial?

Sure. You can download and also sign up for the Free version which enables all of the open-source tools, Toolbars, plus a number of the more basic scripts. That would at least correctly install the frameserver and help me diagnose the problem you are having.

Musicvid wrote on 6/27/2020, 1:45 PM

I did a deep uninstall of Frameserver, did as you suggested, and now everything works perfectly! So with a free version license, it looks like my problem is solved! Here's the new Reg entry:

That said, I'm available to troubleshoot and run tests for the FS standalone problem, as well as anything else you may want to throw at me for broader testing. I have little fear of digging.

@wwaag I'm sure sorry for not knowing about the HOS options you are offering. I think I just sighed and didn't look that much when you went RTP. Thanks one more time for your patience and generosity with your talent. It's a rarity in today's economy, and a solution that will hold me until I have some income.

Musicvid wrote on 6/28/2020, 12:14 PM

Here is a comparison of the Reg folders and config file locations between the Frameserver Download and HOS default installs.


Musicvid wrote on 6/29/2020, 12:34 PM

Is requesting a Trial license from within HOS the same as a Free license?

I can't locate any active links on the "Get a License" web page other than Paypal.

Sorry for my confusion.

wwaag wrote on 6/29/2020, 2:05 PM


No. A trial license is good for 30 days and enables all of the HOS tools. The Free license is good for as long as HOS is installed, but does not permit use of tools such as Render+, etc.

To get a trial license, Launch Help and click on "Trial License". To activate the Free License, click on Activate and enter "FREE" plus email, etc.

I'd suggest that you get a trial license which is good for 30 days. At that time, you can always switch to the Free license.

Musicvid wrote on 6/29/2020, 3:48 PM

Thanks, that's what I'll do.