Trying to record audio with zoom H5, Low Memory

Clay-Zaccaglini wrote on 9/16/2020, 11:06 PM

Hi Anybody,

I have a very high end pc (64 gigs ram, high end gpu, 3950X processor), but I am getting a low memory error when trying to record audio track while previewing a clip. I found a couple things on web that said I can't record audio while previewing a clip because it is resource intensive, and I should use something like audacity. This is difficult because I need to record a sound track while watching the video, and there must be a setting or switch that I need to adjust (like an internal command in options?). I am using a Zoom H5 via usb, and any help will be greatly appreciated.






Musicvid wrote on 9/17/2020, 5:56 AM

Be sure Vegas preferences are set to use the dedicated h5N audio drivers, not Mapper.

rraud wrote on 9/17/2020, 9:22 AM

Record directly to the H5, whilst watching the picture, then import the audio file(s) afterwards. You could put an audio blip (2-pop) on VP for sync align, in lieu of timecode. it may drift slightly if it is long, but that relatively easy to correct if it needs fo be absolute frame accurate