v17 build 223 still crashing on older projects (update)

JohnCorda wrote on 7/18/2021, 4:57 PM

EDIT: Update below

I bought v18 and I hope I like the new interface and experience.

But v17 still crashes like every two minutes with the latest build, at least for an existing project. AND while rendering, sometimes quits at 1% and the numbers still count down, or 48% or something. Get lucky when it reaches 100% on its own.

build 221 seemed to resolve much of the freezing/crashing for new projects only. But still crashed/froze.

When I am satisfied with this video I am completing, I will try the new v18 software and I hope it doesn't suck.

I make complicated videos, but I usually have and didn't experience these bugs with older versions.

I will report back on v18 once I have checked it out. I plan to do a simple video of just one camera angle performance of a song on piano.

EDIT: Great now I can't render this last video AT ALL because I keep getting an out of memory error - This is a highly capable PC!!!


JohnCorda wrote on 7/19/2021, 7:22 PM

Okay I can't say which may have resolved this -

1. I did the reset trick is one thing

Close the program (Movie Studio/Vegas/DVD Architect,etc...).
Hold down the CTRL + SHIFT keys at the same time AND ALSO AT THE SAME TIME double click program icon on Desktop to Boot program.
Window will pop up.
Select Delete all Cached Application Data and then press Yes.
This will restore program to Factory Default Settings.

2. I also uninstalled and reinstalled build 204 (although I clicked the link for 221)

And it seems the rendering crashes have been resolved for this project.

I'll update to 223 later and see how things go.

JohnCorda wrote on 3/6/2022, 2:09 PM

Month later...

Whoops well I forgot I did this - and while using build 204 I saw an update popup and said Yes to performing the update. And my project (a totally new one) locks up on rendering again.

So build 223 locks up on rendering. - EDIT: in this case. I rolled back to 204 and still had the problem. As it turns out, it seems the cause is when I have a few (3 or 4) video clips concurrent over each other, the rendering gets tangled up at that point. I may at times forget to remove some clips that are under the clip that will be in the video, and it's too much to throw at the program.

Here's the specs of the machine.

i7-8700 @ 3.2Ghz | 16GB Ram | Windows 10 x64 | Geforce 1080


Musicvid wrote on 3/13/2022, 10:04 AM

Thanks for sharing your experience.

A couple of quick points for others; I'm sure you know this: Vegas Movie Studio 17 is no longer being developed, and is unrelated to Movie Studio 18-22 (note the missing Vegas brand name).

Regarding your descriptions of your lockups -- they sound suspiciously like outdated graphics drivers. Try updating them to the latest manufacturer's version and try 223 again; it is generally regarded as stable. If you have Nvidia graphics, install only the Studio version of the drivers.

JohnCorda wrote on 3/13/2022, 2:00 PM

I can try updating the graphics drivers, but the installed drivers are within a year at least. So highly unlikely a solution. And in fact I think I did install the nvidia Studio drivers already in hopes it would solve other typical and common crashes and freezes. I will report back on this however.

Anyways after wasting my money on v18, I am currently starting new projects with the diverged Vegas Pro 19 (Vegas Edit package purchased as an upgrade), which is the actual next version of this software from v17. If anyone needs further clarification, Movie Studio 17 and Vegas Pro 19 share the same UI and user experience. It's basically the same. Movie Studio 18 is completely different.

EricLNZ wrote on 3/13/2022, 5:42 PM



The "non Vegas" Movie Studio now no longer appears on the Vegas product pages.