Vegas Pro 18.0 doesn't respond(0xc0000005 error)

Scott-Simonds wrote on 7/31/2022, 11:29 PM

like before this happened so 3 days ago it was all doing good. But just this one day while editing it just got the error. First the videos that i put in didn't load fast enough, second the videos that i already putted in didn't load fast enough, third there is always lag when i try to press enter or scroll the mouse to the video that i want to see. Then eventually whatever i do the mouse stops the project stops and then just no respond.

The things that I tried:

increae the ram 200 to 1800

video processing gpu off

turning on every section of the file i/o option

enable opencl interop for intel gpu ->false

disable multi-core rendering fasle->true

enable multi-core rendering for plan.. true->false

setting vegas to power saving

it just like it works to edit but i have to wait a long time to load my video and wait till the freeze to end and usually it doesn't even let me press enter and freezes it and doesn't show the preview or the soundtrack as well please help me


Grazie wrote on 8/1/2022, 1:03 AM

@Scott-Simonds - 😱 You’ve supplied very, very little information to allow anyone here to assist you. One day it all works, and the next day it doesn’t, doesn’t tell us anything.

I’m listening to see if you comeback. ✌️

J-Toresen wrote on 8/1/2022, 3:59 AM

Try this:

1. Google "0xc0000005 error"
2. Read this:

Jøran Toresen

j-v wrote on 8/1/2022, 5:41 AM

Reset the program exactly following this:

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Musicvid wrote on 8/1/2022, 7:18 AM

That is a Windows Security Scan error. It may mean you have obtained a pirated download of Vegas, or your last Windows update did not install properly. That's my experience.

Dexcon wrote on 8/1/2022, 7:25 AM

Microsoft's Answers website suggests:

If this doesn't work, Google/Bing search the error code - there's lot's of posts about this error code.

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Musicvid wrote on 8/1/2022, 8:26 AM

Warning: Anecdote follows, use at your own discretion.

I had the dreaded persistent 005 error two years in a row. I found the first time that the most recent MS Security update was corrupt and could not be uninstalled by mortal means. I restored a backup, only lost a couple of weeks of work, and the update reinstalled itself correctly.

In the second instance 13 months later when 005 returned, I was able to uninstall the most recent security update, the problem corrected itself, and eventually reinstalled the update uneventfully.

The above advice is probably pointless if your Vegas installation, about which you have told us not a single thing, is causing the error.