VEGAS Pro 18 Audio Plug-in Error Window For ALL Plug-ins

Nick-Seeley wrote on 4/18/2022, 4:42 PM

When I try using any Audio plugin on VEGAS Pro 18 it states that

"The plug-in could not be run. One or more components required to run this plug-in may be missing. If a hardware key (dongle) is required to operate this plug-in, ensure that it is properly installed. The COM object failed to initialize."

I don't even know where or how to check if it is installed properly. I uninstalled VEGAS, then reinstalled it, my issues remained unsolved, unfortunately. I reset my VEGAS to default to no avail. Someone please help!!


rraud wrote on 4/19/2022, 10:40 AM

Try uninstall-reinstall again, but uninstall using a third-party uninstaller like 'Revo Uninstall using the 'advanced' scan mode which can remove left-over registry entries and other pertinent data the OS uninstall leaves behind, which is usually the root of recurring issues.
Revo Uninstall has pro and freeware versions, the free version is usually adequate unless 'forced uninstall' is needed, which is a 'pro' version option.

Musicvid wrote on 4/19/2022, 10:45 PM

Are you saying the native Vegas fx do this?

Or can you give us the name and manufacturer of a third party plugin that causes the message?