Why is it SOOO difficult to get a USB signal to translate to HDMI?

GTL wrote on 6/15/2020, 9:44 AM

Goal: Take a Logitech Webcam USB out to HDMI to plug into an ATEM Mini Switcher.

I have run out of adapters to purchase. I tried a USB to HDMI adapter. The PC won't see it because it doesn't have any drivers. I had to o hours of searching to find said driver, downloaded it and it still wouldn't work.

I tried chaining my USB out into a USB-C into a 4k USB to HDMI adapter. Nothing.

I've spent weeks searching for a webcam with an HDMI cable. That's like looking for a Unicorn.

The closest I got to any success was to run the webcam into a laptop and bring the image up on ZOOM Settings Page. Then run the output of that through my HDMI out of the laptop into the Switcher and bring it up to the actual destination on Skype.

Right now, I'm having to run the webcam direct USB into the PC and all of the other HDMI sources through the switcher and switch input sources manually between the switcher and the webcam in the settings page of Skype, which defeats the entire point of buying a switcher.

Anybody here have a solution to this dilemma? I've literally been fighting this battle for 2 and a half months!

Thanks for your help.


Musicvid wrote on 6/15/2020, 4:16 PM

Google."febon." There are videos on YouTube.