AVC/XAVC-S issues in VP15/16? Try disabling so4compoundplug.dll!


Wuster wrote on 11/21/2018, 8:10 AM

I was running Vegas 15 Build 316, and had the same sluggish response problems with mp4s taken on an iPhone X. If I disabled the So4 options, one essential video file would not load. I just updated to Vegas 15 Build 416 and on a whim I tried disabling the "Use So4 audio reader for Intermediate/HEVC" and leaving everything else enabled as shown in the screenshot.

That solved my problem!

This is observable, repeatable behaviour that the so4compound developers should be all over.

The only problem now is I have a memory leak error that crashes my computer whenever I open an HEVC file! If I disable the HEVC decoder by renaming the mxhevcplug.dll, the memory leaks go away. Vegas shows around 1-2GB commit and rises slowly in the background. With HEVC enabled, Vegas shows around 25GB commit and rises rapidly!

PanTutaj wrote on 12/21/2018, 1:43 PM

I had some issues with rendering, it was stopping on 24% and rendering black screen, same on preview. Everything changed when I have disabled so4compoundplug.dll. Thank you!

SheroxGG wrote on 5/31/2019, 1:56 PM

When I type so4 nothing appear, can someone help? Thanks!

Chief24 wrote on 5/31/2019, 3:13 PM

It's highly unlikely. You went to the very end of the thread/post, and forgot to read everything in between. Guess what? The answer lies within.

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SheroxGG wrote on 5/31/2019, 4:13 PM

It's highly unlikely. You went to the very end of the thread/post, and forgot to read everything in between. Guess what? The answer lies within.

Hello Chief, thanks for the help, I am not a native speaker so maybe I miss understanded something, I read the post once again and cant find a solution. I understand that you want me to put more effort looking for it, but I cant find it, maybe the answer is between words that I dont know. Thanks and sorry.

AVsupport wrote on 6/1/2019, 3:46 AM

post #1 from Nick: hold shift key while opening prefs to get the 'internal' (developer) tab activated..

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Intel HD630 iGPU - currently disabled in Bios,

nVidia GTX1060 6GB, always on latest [creator] drivers. nVidia HW acceleration enabled.

main screen 4K/50p 1ms scaled @175%, second screen 1920x1080/50p 1ms.

SheroxGG wrote on 6/1/2019, 3:55 AM

Ohh, I see, I knew the shift part was important. I understood it wrong so I was pressing shift all the time because I didnt know when to press it. ill try it again! Thanks!