Black bar at bottom of YouTube videos

24Peter wrote on 2/24/2020, 2:35 PM

VP 13 - I am rendering using Main Concept AVC/mp4 - 1920x1080 24p Pixel ratio 1.000. My source footage in this case is from a Nikon D850 and Z50 shot in 3840x2160. There's looks to be a 5-10 pixel black bar at the bottom only of the YouTube video. I don't see it when viewing the rendered video on my computer using Windows Media Player. I also don't seem to have the same issue with similar material rendered at 2560x1440 or higher and uploaded to YouTube.



rraud wrote on 2/25/2020, 9:06 AM

I do not see a bottom black bar, even in the YT full screen mode.

john_dennis wrote on 2/25/2020, 9:34 AM

Youtube reports the video to be 1920x1080.

Dot wrote on 2/25/2020, 9:42 AM

If I watch your video here on this forum, there is black at top and bottom but if I watch it on youtube, it fills the frame. If I go full frame on a 1920 x 1080 screen, there is no black.

24Peter wrote on 2/25/2020, 11:14 AM

Hmmm... thank you guys for checking. I still see it in the YouTube player when viewed in Chrome. This is what it looks like. (It's constant for the entire video - just grabbed this frame to show the contrast.) FWIW - the exact same file rendered to 2560x1440 shows no black bar.

Musicvid wrote on 2/25/2020, 4:21 PM

Your video has no black lines, and I do not see anything that looks like your image of their player. Try a different browser?

Dot wrote on 2/25/2020, 4:28 PM

Add to Musicvid, I think the player and/or browser you use will make a difference in the display.