changing project properties for editing vs rendering >feature request?

bvideo wrote on 4/29/2020, 6:22 PM

Just reading through "(FAQ) How can I make my video preview play smoothly in VEGAS Pro?" again, as referenced from the VEGAS Pro FAQ sticky at the top. I started to notice how many recommendations are forced to remark "Reset your project properties to [original/desired property ...] before rendering." It's good that the preview has some choices for quality, and good that proxies switch in and out automatically, but wouldn't it be even better if all those recommendations in the FAQ could be set as as part of preview or editing mode properties of the project, so it would not be necessary to modify project properties before rendering? (In my case, before rendering and after rendering and before and after, ad nauseum.) Also to include the dreaded studio RGB vs computer RGB on the video output.


Musicvid wrote on 4/29/2020, 6:30 PM

It is not necessary to change project properties before rendering. Only the properties below the <hr> have any effect on the output and can be overwritten; the ones above the line affect only the preview.

bvideo wrote on 4/29/2020, 11:33 PM

So for project properties, reading between the <nl>:

  • don't (necessarily) set project media to match [the first] media file (or "do", but then down-rez the project properties)
  • set W x H & frame rate for your previewing pleasure (W x H @ intended aspect ratio, else problems)
  • use render settings at render time for higher resolution etc.
  • deinterlace method? It's in project properties, but doesn't seem to appear in the render controls, but is mentioned as a preview performance issue.

Minor issue: the filters for "render as" wouldn't work right when the project settings don't match your desired render target.

I've come across at least one video fx (BCC Uprez) that wants user to enter the project dimensions. That's a little weird of course. But it begs a question about what dependencies various effects, track motion, etc. have on project properties as opposed to render properties.

Nested projects: do the properties in a nested project propagate to the parent or vice versa during render or preview? Here's a segment from "help" that makes it sound like the parent project and render properties both apply.

Use master projects to deliver a single project in multiple formats without time- and disk-consuming intermediate renders: for example, you could add your 24p, 16:9 HD (high-definition) project to a master project to reformat the project as widescreen SD (standard definition) for DVD, letterboxed SD for VHS, 4:3 pan-and-scan SD, or 25p.

There's also the right-click "Add at project frame rate" for a media file: I wonder what that means in the case where project property frame rate doesn't match the intended render frame rate?

I notice the split screen / bypass FX does not propagate to the render. Maybe some of the comments in that FAQ regarding resetting performance tweaks for rendering sound like more memory work than they really are. But there is still that other issue: monitor vs render RGB.


Musicvid wrote on 4/29/2020, 11:36 PM

Let Vegas match your media.

For mixed media, choose the majority, or the output size as suggested.

Filters and such adopt the project size, so don't change that later.

You can pretty much ignore the rest.