Project .veg file disappeared / deleted

Colin Basterfield wrote on 8/30/2015, 12:50 AM

I just set my project to render and left it going.

I came back to find the AVI created, but the project file, the .veg file had disappeared.

I took a back up as of last night, but thought I do a render before copy the project to my other drive.

I've set my folder to show hidden files and have found an autosave from two hours before I'd finished.

I had saved my latest version right up until I began the render, but there is no evidence anywhere of the latest saved project file.

Is this a known problem with vegas, i.e. seemingly deleting a project file during a render?

Is there a way to set the autosave to happen more regularly?

Although I have an AVI file, I've lost my uni project now, so, it's all turned to custard as they say in New Zealand...

Any ideas?

p.s. I want to be sick...


musicvid10 wrote on 8/30/2015, 5:58 AM
Rendering does not touch your project file; it reads it, only once.
The only thing besides human interaction that could cause this is a hardware failure, in which case it will get worse. Hard drives are the usual culprits.
Mindmatter wrote on 8/30/2015, 7:03 AM
Just suggesting the obvious I'm afraid, but...
Have you tried performing a search in windows? sometimes, like late at night after many hours of editing, we do weird things, like copy/pasting stuff to totally weird locations...
also, try a free recovery software to see if you accidentally deleted it, assuming you haven't yet written anything onto the drive at that particular spot.
I too have learned the hard way and now copy my files to 3 different drives at the end of an editing session.
Hope you'll find your file back!
dxdy wrote on 8/30/2015, 10:11 AM
Once upon a time ( a long, long time ago ) I was using an accounting program (Peachtree?) and the client wanted a report output into a file instead of on the printer. When the software asked what file to output to, I cheerily put in the name of the master data file.

The program wiped out the master, but I did have the output.

It was too late at night...
john_dennis wrote on 8/30/2015, 11:59 AM

There is an Internal setting in Vegas that determines the interval between autosaves.

Hold the shift key and select Options / Preferences.

In the search box enter autos. You'll see two lines.

Enter a different number in the msAutoSaveInterval field.

Restart Vegas Pro.

The Fine Print
Everything I just told you to do was immoral, illegal, silly, probably didn't work and may have ruined your system. You should have done a full image backup of your boot disk. This information came with no warranty from me, SCS or anyone else.

Fresh wrote on 6/10/2019, 8:27 PM

Interesting, i'm replying to this thread because the exact same thing just happened to me. I walked away from the computer while it rendered a project i've been working on, and upon returning, the rendered file was on the desktop, but Sony Vegas Pro 16 was frozen on the screen. I terminated it, and upon going to relaunch Vegas 16, the file was nowhere to be found, as if someone had deleted from the drive. (except that it's not in the waste bin).

I've never had that happen to me, ever before, so i'm guessing either my hard drive is getting tired, someone hacked into my computer via the wifi, or Sony Vegas Pro self disappears itself on occasion.

It's no big deal, i did a recent backup of this project on an external drive.

Musicvid wrote on 6/10/2019, 9:42 PM

Please start a new thread for your topic, as Vegas 16 / Windows 10 wasn't even a twinkle in the developers' eyes in 2015.

It is not a known issue; however, others can help you find your backup in your version by providing the right information