VEGAS Pro / VEGAS Post Release History

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You can also find the release notes for your installed build only in your local readme file at C:/Program Files/VEGAS/VEGAS Pro 17.0/readme/Vegas_readme.htm if you are using the default installation location. Update history for various VEGAS programs is also available at Movie Studio Zen or Wikipedia page.

VEGAS Effects release history can be found here.

VEGAS Image release history can be found here.

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System 5-2021:
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System 2-2018:
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Video Card 1: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 (Driver
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NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 4:31 PM

VEGAS Pro 13 build 543

  • "VEGAS" rebranding of Vegas Pro 13 build 453 following sale to MAGIX. No changes.


NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 4:34 PM

VEGAS Pro 13 build 545

  • Bugfixes to correct malfunctions introduced in build 543
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 4:37 PM

VEGAS Pro 14 build 161 (first public release) 20th September 2016

New features in version 14.0

  • Added Smart Zoom, Smart Scale, and Smart adaptive deinterlacing to allow you to upscale clips for Ultra HD delivery (requires a supported NVIDIA, AMD/ATI, or Intel GPU).
  • Added a Vignette video effect.
  • Added support for working with high-frame-rate (HFR) clips.
  • Added hover scrub to the Trimmer for fast scrubbing.
  • Updated support for current BlackMagic Design hardware:
    - DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G, 4K Pro, 4K Extreme, Studio 4K, SDI 4K, HD Extreme, Extreme 3D, Mini Monitor, and Mini Recorder.
    - Intensity Shuttle, Pro 4K, and Pro.
    - UltraStudio 4K Extreme, 4K, Pro, SDI, Express, Mini Monitor, and Mini Recorder.
  • Improved support for clips from RED ONE, EPIC, SCARLET, and WEAPON cameras.
    - Added Post liftPost gammaPost gain, and Dragon enhanced blacks controls to the R3D Decode Properties dialog.
    - Fixed an issue that caused certain clips to fail to load on upgraded RED WEAPON cameras with older firmware.
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when loading certain old RED ONE clips.
    - Fixed a color cast that could occur in clips shot with RED Motion Mount on the latest camera firmware.
  • Updated support for current AJA hardware.
  • Added a Resample mode drop-down list to the Video tab in the Project Properties dialog. You can use this control to set the default resample mode for your project video. To override the project resample mode, you can use the Force resample and Disable resample event switches.
  • Improved playback and editing performance when using a Dynamic RAM Preview cache size greater than 200 MB.
  • Improved gamma calculations for still-image sequence renders for 32-bit floating point projects. Now levels for 32-bit floating point (video levels) and 32-bit floating point (full range) with nonlinear gamma are more consistent with 8-bit levels.
  • Added a Group Video and Audio Events script (Tools > Scripting) to allow you to easily group audio and video events from an imported EDL.
  • Increased the top-end of the range of event Velocity envelopes to 1,000% to increase the maximum possible overall velocity of video on the timeline to 40 times normal speed (in conjunction with the Playback rate event property).
  • New artwork and icons for buttons and other interface elements give the application an updated, more modern look and feel.
  • Support for reading and writing HEVC/H265 files.
  • Native support for reading ProRes 422 files without the need for QuickTime.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused a disabled Beziér mask to become enabled when the mask is moved
  • Fixed a bug that caused some Video Capture Help links to be non functional
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Sharpen FX to exhibit different results when set to 0.000 depending upon whether the GPU was engaged or not
  • Fixed a but that caused the arrow keys and J/K/L shortcuts to lose the ability to move the play head after undoing a framerate change in Project Properties
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from choosing their language during the installation process
  • Fixed a bug that prevented video files from some cell phone devices from being recognized
  • Fixed a bug in the scripting API that could cause an OverflowException in scripting extensions
  • Fixed a bug that could cause VEGAS Pro to hang if the Escape key is pressed to dismiss the Render As dialog box
  • Improved support for HiDPI displays. WIndows 8.1 or Windows 10 is recommended when using a HiDPI display.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Vegas to crash when clicking in the header of the Vegas Explorer in Details view.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Vegas to crash when renaming an in-use file in the Vegas Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Vegas to crash during startup when running with multiple GPUs.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Vegas to crash during startup when running with many network adapters.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Vegas to become unresponsive when loading projects that contained unavailable plug-ins.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause rendered files to be truncated when rendering from FLAC source audio.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause inconsistent audio and video stream lengths when working with some MP4 clips.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause one frame to appear black when using Side by side (full) stereoscopic 3D mode with GPU acceleration enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect output when using Track Motion to offset horizontally only with GPU acceleration enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect output when using Track Motion when the 2D Glow check box was selected with GPU acceleration enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect display when using FX Bypass mode in a split-screen configuration with GPU acceleration enabled.
  • Fixed an error that incorrectly listed the Studio RGB range in the Broadcast Colors plug-in as 16-135. The correct range -- 16-235 -- is now displayed.
  • Fixed drawing and scaling issues that could occur when running Vegas Pro with a HiDPI display on Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10.
  • Fixed drawing issues that could occur when scaling the keyframe timeline for OpenFX plug-ins.
  • Improved performance when using 64-bit VST plug-ins.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in inconsistent behavior after pasting video event attributes.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Vegas Pro from correctly reading the Field Order value in some MOV files.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Titles & Text plug-in from working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the application to become unresponsive in projects that contain a large number of bins in the Project Media window.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented smart bins from preserving their Condition setting.
  • Pressing A in the Trimmer now adds the current selection to the timeline as an event. If there is no selection in the Trimmer, the entire clip is used.

Known Issues

  • Changed scripting namespace from Sony.Vegas to ScriptPortal.Vegas
  • Removed AC-3 Pro codec (previously appeared if DVD Architect was installed)
  • Removed GPU-accelerated AVC rendering options (still available via internal preferences)
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 4:39 PM

VEGAS Pro 14 Update 1 (build 178) 24th October 2016

The build 178 is essentially a hotfix for a memory leak that could result in a crash when using multiple AVCHD and HDV files in a project. This is the only noteworthy fix contained in this update. We are continuing to work on a more robust update that addresses some long-standing issues as well as improvements to new features. That update will be available in the upcoming weeks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug wherein keyboard shortcuts assigned to scripts were removed from the keyboard map when exiting. (link)
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 4:48 PM

VEGAS Pro 14 Update 2 (build 189) 1st November 2016

This build fixes the updating bug that prevented some from updating to 178.

NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 4:49 PM

VEGAS Pro 14 Update 3 (build 201) 18th November 2016

New Features

  • Improved the Velocity envelope Set to functionality so that all points selected with the Envelope Selection tool will be set to the value entered for any of the other selected points
  • Added functionality for reading and saving project media tags to HEVC and ProRes media
  • Add new Velocity envelope presets (20% and 40%) to make working with high-frame-rate video easier
  • Greatly increased the number of scripts that can be shown in the Scripts menu
  • Added a general preference to allow users to enable legacy GPU rendering
  • Expanded the low-end range of the sharpen effect to allow access to softer values
  • Native support for reading ProRes 4444 files with full bit-depth
  • ProRes rendering capabilities including presets
  • Trimmer toolbar Add buttons and keyboard shortcuts now always honor the Trimmer in and out points
  • Hover scrub improvements have been made to support quantization, snapping, and showing selection
  • Support for reading HEVC hvc1 file variants
    *Probably should have read "Support for reading HEVC hev1 file variants". (link)

Bug Fixes

  • Resample mode now respects the Start all new projects with these settings checkbox in Project Properties
  • Loading multiple ProRes clips at the same time no longer crashes the application
  • Custom keyboard mapping for scripts now persists
  • Text that showed up badly cropped in the Titles & Text plug-in dialog box when running in Windows 7 now displays properly
  • Undoing a change to project properties frame rate no longer prevents the timeline cursor from functioning properly
  • Luminance values are now displayed properly for ProRes files
  • Plugged a memory leak that occurred when loading multiple AVCHD or HDV files (fixed in previous update)
  • Adjustments you make in the video event FX Curves panel are now saved properly
  • ProRes files rendered from VEGAS Pro now properly report interlacing and audio information
  • Removed an unnecessary Render Alpha Channel checkbox that mistakenly appeared when rendering to a CineForm AVI file
  • Hit Film Express interoperability is now functioning properly
  • Media tags are now properly saved for Panasonic P2 files
  • The update process now works without crashing in all upgrade scenarios
  • VEGAS Pro no longer exhibits random crashes upon closing the application
  • Help topic for Working with HFR broken link has been repaired
  • VEGAS Pro no longer crashes when attempting to read ProRes HQ - 4096x2160-23.976p files
  • HDV/AVCHD file loading is no longer significantly slowed in VEGAS Pro 14 compared to previous versions
  • Quantize to Frame now work as expected when setting project video settings to match media, and project/clip frame rates differ
  • Wavehammer Surround demo beeps are now properly removed from registered product
  • The selection rectangle now shows up for each tool that includes a color picker.
  • Fixed stuttering/judder issues related to playback/rendering of certain HEVC/ProRes files
  • (unofficial) Fixed pixelation artifacts appearing with some formats such as AVCHD. (link)
  • Restored GPU-accelerated AVC rendering options
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 4:51 PM

VEGAS Pro 14 Update 4 (build 211) 21st December 2016

New Features

  • Added ProRes rendering options for 24p, 30p and 60p/I framerate.
  • Adjusted the horizontal tolerance for Trimmer window hover scrub to make it easier to add the selected area to your timeline without inadvertently establishing a new selection.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed stutter / judder issues playing back 23.97/29.97/59.94 frame rate ProRes / HEVC files
  • Fixed video noise issues related to deep blacks / whites with ProRes files
  • In the Color Curves plug-in, the channel settings now persist when you close and reopen the Video Event FX dialog box
  • In the Color Curves plug-in, the Show all Channels checkbox now defaults to selected
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 4:54 PM

VEGAS Pro 14 Update 5 (build 244) 28th March 2017

New Features

  • 10-bit rendering has been added for HEVC files along with new 10-bit render templates and the ability to create custom 10-bit render templates (Moderator note: No pre-made 10-bit render templates are included.)
  • A "News Feed" function that communicates important information (e.g. update build announcements) now appears upon application start up whenever a new message is available. This replaces the Net Notify system used in previous versions of the software
  • We've created a new 4K render template for MainConcept AVC/AAC file format and exposed a new 4K frame size preset to make it even easier to create 4K files

Bug fixes

  • Changed the location of the temporary file created during ProRes rendering so that it no longer goes to the system Temporary folder (potentially filling the user's system drive). It now goes to the same folder as the specified render location, and is instantly deleted once the render is complete
  • The Selection Edit Tool no longer flickers when holding Ctr. or Shift when making a selection
  • Shuffle events now works properly when a J cut is present
  • The Portals transition now works properly
  • Improved the handling of imported Photoshop files so that layers no longer display pale edges when viewing at Best settings in the Video Preview window
  • Adding a clip from the Project Media window at the project frame rate while set to Details view now correctly adjusts the clip's frame rate as expected
  • A menu option to rename video plug-ins while in the Plug-In Chooser has been removed since the operation is not available and choosing it caused a crash
  • The Trimmer window context menu now properly appears when you right-click the video portion after first having disabled the new hover scrub feature
  • Investigated a suspected bug that caused 4K ProRes files from a Blackmagic Designs camera to appear more exposed on Preview and Draft settings in the Video Preview than in Good and Best settings and determined that no bug exists. Some footage may appear brighter or darker at the lower-resolution settings due to the blurring of the video that naturally takes place at these low preview resolutions
  • Investigated a suspected bug where 4K ProRes files from a Blackmagix Designs camera has different gamma values in VEGAS Pro 14 compared to VEGAS Pro 13. This has been determined to be caused by a known flaw in the Apple QuickTime for Windows add-on software that was required to read these files in version 13. Our native reader in version 14 does not have this flaw and its output is correct
  • Custom window layouts that use tabs docked to the top of windows are now properly saved and persist through an application restart
  • The TrackGroup scripting class has been updated so that the Mute and Solo properties now return the correct values as expected
  • Fixed a problem that could cause a crash under certain circumstances when exporting a project as a VEGAS Pro archive
  • The Render Complete dialog box is now covered by floating windows within the application less frequently.
  • Color Curves channel setting now persist through closing and reopening the tool (Moderator note: This was already changed in build 211 and appeared in the release notes.)
  • Color Curves Show All Channels checkbox is now selected by default (Moderator note: This was already changed in build 211 and appeared in the release notes.)
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 4:56 PM

VEGAS Pro 14 Update 6 (build 252) 11th April 2017

Bug fixes

  • Custom HEVC, MainConcept AVC/AAC, and ProRes render templates now work properly again
  • The Film Effects plug-in was found to expose unwanted transparency in 8-bit Pixel format mode. The plug-in now works properly and no longer introduces inadvertent transparency
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 4:57 PM

VEGAS Pro 14 Update 7 (build 270) 26th June 2017

Here are the patch notes for this update:

  • Audio from ProRes 422 HQ files now plays properly
  • Multi-channel audio files now show up correctly with new ProRes plugin
  • Both channels of a stereo ProRes are now properly recognized
  • The first frame is no longer repeated in renders to ProRes and HEVC formats
  • Audio from 4k files shot with the Atomos Shogun 4K Recorder is now supported
  • Audio from ProRes 422 files shot with Black Magic cameras now properly supported
  • H.265 MP4 footage from DJI Phantom 4 Professional Camera Drone now supported
  • The keyframe event "Set To" context menu operation of an OFX video effect now adjusts the keyframe value as expected
  • Markers and regions are now properly saved inside the Trimmer window for ProRes and HEVC files
  • Certain HEVC files that failed to load in previous builds are now supported
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 4:59 PM

VEGAS Pro 15 (build 177) (first public release) 28th August 2017

New Features

  • A new MAGIX AVC/AAC codec significantly accelerates encoding on machines that utilize Intel® Quick Sync Video (QSV) technology
  • A new MAGIX AVC/AAC codec significantly accelerates encoding on machines equipped with modern NVIDIA graphics card GPU technology
  • The user can now select from the list of attributes of a copied timeline clip event to specify which attributes will be pasted into a target event
  • ACES 1.0 support enable users to work with the expanded color spaces and dynamic range of modern cameras.
  • More efficient handling of AVC files on the timeline through Intel QSV technology
  • Picture-in-picture OFX plug-in enables the user to perform size and position adjustments of video at any of the four effects levels (including track and event) through parameter adjustment controls and direct interaction with the Video Preview window
  • Crop OFX plug-in enables the user to quickly crop out portions of a video at any of the four effects levels (including track and event) through parameter adjustment controls and direct interaction with the Video Preview window
  • The user can specify which track header buttons and controls appear on tracks and set these (separate for audio and video tracks) as project defaults for all new tracks in the current and new projects. Controls that have been hidden can be accessed through a new "hamburger button" menu
  • LUT Filter OFX plug-in enables the user to apply LUTs to their project at any of the four supported FX levels (event, track, media, and video bus)
  • Redesigned timeline clip events now contain headers to hold important information and buttons and can be customized through the hamburger button/menu system.
  • The user can specify which controls appear in the transport area of both the Trimmer Window and the Video Preview window as project defaults for the current and new projects. Controls that have been hidden can be accessed through a new "hamburger button" menu
  • A simple "one-click" option creates a freeze frame on all selected events touched by the timeline cursor
  • Users can specify one of four options for the shading of the VEGAS Pro interface ranging from very bright to a dark interface
  • Users can define the amount (strength) of color they want shown in their buttons
  • Modern controls enable logical docking and undocking of windows and maximizing windows within a dock
  • A user-friendly and intuitive Render As dialog box makes it easy to understand and specify render options
  • The Share Online option now provides direct render-and-upload operations for YouTube, FaceBook, and Vimeo
  • Optimized default user layout to reduce visual clutter
  • Non-selected timeline clip events are now the same color as the corresponding track header while selected events are white. This (while directly opposite previous behavior) reduces visual "clutter" and the harsh appearance of events, particularly in large projects
  • New layout option enables user to switch back to the VEGAS Pro 14 default layout, including revealing all buttons in the hamburger menu system
  • Updated button glyph for the Record and Arm for Record buttons clarifies the function of these buttons
  • The default Pan type has been changed to Constant Power which is the most logical and expected type
  • Audio notification alerts you when your render is complete for all format types
  • (unofficial) Panasonic GH5 10-bit 422 footage now opens correctly
  • (unofficial) The video stream of JVC YUV 4:2:2 footage now decodes correctly
  • (unofficial) iPhone/iPad footage now opens correctly (without requiring Quicktime)
  • (unofficial) "Enable Media Manager" was moved to an internal preference

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Application hangs when importing 4K Lumia 950 footage
  • Fixed: Attempting to rename bus in Mixing console does not show edit box
  • Fixed: Some MP4 thumbnail frames show as green
  • Fixed: iPhone video does not import properly
  • Fixed: ProRes/MOV audio out of sync with embedded video stream
  • Fixed: Interactive Tutorial has 'old' artwork
  • Fixed: Cannot read MOV files created by JVC GY-HM200 correctly
  • Fixed: ProRes 422 HQ file audio badly distorted
  • Fixed: Protype titler help file links inactive
  • Fixed: Multi-channel audio files do not show up correctly with ProRes plugins
  • Fixed: ProRes Import - Audio channel duplicated on to other audio channel
  • Fixed: Atomos Shogun 4k Recorder files fail to produce audio in Vegas
  • Fixed: Iphone 4s MOVs fail to open in Vegas Pro
  • Fixed: H.265 MP4 Drone Footage failing to import to Vegas
  • Fixed: MP4/AVC without Audio
  • Fixed: Horizontal splitter for docking area is not painted
  • Fixed: iPhone 7 Video doesn't load in Vegas Pro 14
  • Fixed: Track Motion preset selector is missing
  • Fixed: Keyframe event "Set To" context-menu operation does nothing
  • Fixed: mp4 video created by Action Mirilis video capture software plays audio only
  • Fixed: Search field text clipped when docking below other windows.
  • Fixed: Plug-In Manager missing vertical separator
  • Fixed: Can't open HEVC file in Trimmer or timeline.
  • Fixed: Docking UI: maximize docking window, exit & restart Vegas, restore window: crash
  • Fixed: Hor & Vert Control handles split in 2 when using Automation
  • Fixed: Automation dropdown arrows are between Bus/Input/Master headers
  • Fixed: Win7: Render As template 'Favorites' star crowds/cuts into template names
  • Fixed: Clipped icons in Edit Details window
  • Fixed: Exporting AVCHD 5.1 -> when import exported file first 2 audio tracks bounced and one track empty
  • Fixed: 'contains no video' error message when reading customer's MPEG-4 file
  • Fixed: Mute button state doesn't not match context menu with automation on
  • Fixed: Rear speaker icons swapped
  • Fixed: AVC (Panasonic P2) file incorrectly reads as all green
  • Fixed: Crash when double click Loudness Meters window while in Audio Mixing layout
  • Fixed: Not all MAGIX MP4 custom render frame rates yield expected video length
  • Fixed: Markers & regions don't get saved in ProRes or HEVC files in the trimmer
  • Fixed: Picture in Picture Help "?" opens Mirror video effect help content
  • Fixed: Crash on Tools-> Multicamera -> Expand to Multiple Tracks
  • Fixed: Annoying blinking when resizing windows
  • Fixed: Track Compressor Reduction meter pegged
  • Fixed: Elastique broken in Audio Event properties
  • Fixed: ProRes audio imported into Vegas precedes video by 30ms
  • Fixed: OFX effect parameter dialog is malformed when opened by keystroke
  • Fixed: Master Bus is confused about mute
  • Fixed: Render As ->Browse, Save As dialog File name is not auto-populated
  • Fixed: Horizontal resizing of the app causes redraw issues
  • Fixed: Saved projects don't retain markers & regions for MP4's
  • Fixed: Rendering HEVC CBR does not produce CBR output
  • (unofficial) Fixed a bug whereby keyframes in some FX (e.g. Sharpen, Brightness & Contrast) had to be clicked twice to select them
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 5:00 PM

VEGAS Pro 15 Update 1 (build 216) 4th October 2017

New Features

  • It is now possible to "heal" or "join" two events that hold the same media back into a single event
  • From the Render As dialog box, you can now swap all of your project media video files for video files with the same names (but potentially different file extensions) enabling you (for example) to work with proxy files on your timeline and switch to the full-resolution files to render. After the render completes, the files are swapped back.
  • A new option in the Project Media window enables you to swap all of your project media video files for video files with the same names (but potentially different file extensions) at any time
  • The Picture-in-Picture and Crop plug-ins now show different mouse icons depending upon which handle you point to in the Video Preview interacts
  • Added a button to events that enables the user to hide/show the new event headers
  • You can now set a preference to reverse the color of selected events so that it matches the behavior in version 14 and earlier where none selected events are white and selected events are colored
  • 4K, 10-bit 4:2:2 AVC files from the Panasonic GH5 camera are now supported

Bug Fixes

  • Interlaced presets now function properly in the QSV encode option for files rendered with the MAGIX AVC/AAC plug-in
  • Picture-in-Picture help button now opens the proper help
  • VEGAS now automatically switches to the correct version of ACES based on the project settings when opening an existing project
  • ProRes audio and video now sync properly when added to the timeline
  • Optimized the code used for reading AVC, HEVC, and other file types so that it utilizes less system memory
  • Optimized the reading of MP4 files in the Explorer window
  • The Picture-in-Picture and Crop plug-in interacts now behave correctly at Good Full and Best Full
  • Saved projects now properly retain media markers and regions for MP4 files even if the project is closed and reopened
  • The fade-in offset in the event header is now properly available for crossfades
  • The Red Eye Reduction process now works properly
  • Fixed several broken interactive tutorials
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering into Expanded Edit mode
  • Picture-in-Picture and Crop plug-ins now correctly handles all pixel aspect ratios
  • The event indicators now properly show up on a collapsed group track
  • Audio bus tracks now use the correct icon
  • Rendering HEVC CBR now properly produces CBR output
  • HSL Adjust plug-in no longer causes color banding in 8bit GPU or 32bit CPU projects
  • Media markers are now much easier to see in non-selected events
  • NV Encoder render no longer fails with template rename/new template selection
  • Various display issues have been fixed in Windows 7 running in High DPI setups
  • Certain MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4 templates no longer crash upon selective prerender
  • Long HEVC files no longer cause a playback crash
  • Empty entries no longer appear in the main toolbar customize dialog
  • The hit area of timeline markers has been tightened up so that it is once again possible to drag above the markers to create a time selection
  • Can again properly read the text when you hover over files in the Explorer window
  • The ToolTip has been fixed for the Output Buss on audio track headers
  • Added the inadvertently omitted MainConcept AAC encoder back in as a render format
  • The Shift+Ctrl+C shortcut key once again properly hides just the event buttons without affecting active take information visibility
  • Reverted the default pan type back to Add Channels instead of Constant Power so that users no longer experience a 3dB volume attenuation in tracks panned to center
  • Fixed an occasional crash when building thumbnails in the Explorer window
  • Combining footage of some formats along with Panasonic P2 footage no longer causes the P2 footage to appear as green frames
  • Fixed a problem where opening the Render As dialog when the save folder is set to a network location could result in an error
  • The Titles and Text cursor is now more visible when using the dark background scheme
  • The offline media info text is now more readable
  • The Freeze Frame at Cursor operation now works properly when the cursor is at the first frame of the event
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent users from successfully creating blu-ray image files
  • Fixed a problem that could cause some MP4/AVC files to be displayed in the file explorer and properties windows with the wrong file type
  • ProRes 29.97 render templates no longer incorrectly shift the audio by 0.006 seconds
  • Audio is now more properly synchronized with the video when rendering to ProRes and HEVC formats
  • Fixed a crash when reading specific MP4 AVC/AAC files with so4 HW decoding enabled
  • Video preview for MP4 files now works properly with so4 HW decoder enabled
  • (Unofficial) Fixed a bug whereby Paste Event Attributes (only from the Edit menu) pastes the event itself as well as the attributes
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 5:02 PM

VEGAS Pro 15 Update 2 (build 261) 30th November 2017

New Features

  • The Picture-In-Picture OFX plug-in now takes advantage of GPU acceleration
  • The Crop OFX plug-in now takes advantage of GPU acceleration
  • It is now possible to enter a custom frame rate for the MAGIX AVC/AAC render format
  • More noticeable default highlight color for buttons in the active state
  • User definable custom highlight color for buttons in the active state

Bug Fixes

  • HEVC files produced by iPhone7 and iPhone8 are now properly supported and no longer show black frames
  • 5K and 6K HEVC files from the Panasonic GH5 are now correctly scaled down to 4K so that they appear and can be edited (although potentially with limited preview performance) on the VEGAS Pro timeline
  • The Picture-In-Picture and Crop OFX plug-in interact controls alignment has been optimized so that it more exactly matches the video frame under normal circumstances
  • Fixed a crash caused by a specific XAVC-S 4K file with QSV decoding disabled
  • Custom frame rates are now properly rendered with the MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4 plug-in
  • Multiply (Mask) compositing mode now works correctly with GPU on
  • Footage from the Mavic Pro drone is now properly supported
  • Audio from footage shot on the Xiaomi Yi 4k is now properly supported
  • The Quick Blur FX now works properly when GPU acceleration is turned off
  • Render As properly honors Constant bit rate mode or custom values when rendering to HEVC or using Intel QSV templates
  • VEGAS now displays iPhone movies with the proper orientation
  • Interlaced files from the Nikon D5200 are now correctly recognized and supported
  • Rotation information embedded in HEVC files is now displayed correctly
  • Repaired drawing problems in Win 7 that affected the usability of buttons/controls in the Batch Render script
  • The Color Match (and other) plug-ins no longer create unwanted color shifts during fades in 8-bit pixel format projects with the "GPU acceleration of video processing" preference enabled
  • Files rendered using QSV presets in the MAGIX AVC/AAC codec are now properly recognized in Adobe products
  • Buttons created via scripting no longer disappear or change in various scenarios
  • Pixel aspect ratio field values are now properly visible after being changed
  • The media frame rate for iPhone 7 files is now correctly reported
  • Keying numeric values into an OFX numeric field under certain circumstances no longer crashes
  • Audio effects applied to certain media no longer continue to affect the audio after they have been disabled or removed
  • Audio recorded through Xsplit Broadcaster is now properly supported
  • (Unofficial) Added support for Hitfilm Pro 6
  • (Unofficial) A file can now be deleted by a script after being read by the so4compoundplug decoder
  • (Unofficial) GoPro, DJI & Xiaomi Yi AVC files that suffered problems when decoded by the so4compoundplug decoder are now decoded by default by the compoundplug decoder. This solves these issues:
    • Stuttery playback
    • Slow rendering of thumbnails
    • Corrupt audio
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 5:03 PM

VEGAS Pro 15 Update 3 (build 311) 20th February 2018

New Features

  • Updated support for RED Epic Dragon, Raven, Scarlet, and Weapon files
  • The LUT OFX filter now taps into graphics card GPU for faster performance
  • Reduce memory footprint of so4compoundplug and improve load performance for very large projects
  • Preview framerate during crossfades when using the So4 Compound Reader has been improved

Bug Fixes

  • Stereo tracks from certain file types which were improperly imported as multiple mono tracks are now properly imported to stereo tracks
  • Audio from Xiaomi Yi 4k or greater files now plays correctly with so4compoundplug
  • DJI Spark files with variable frame rate files are now properly supported
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to delete media file used in Vegas Project even after closing project
  • Video from the Samsung Galaxy S8 is now properly decoded through Intel QSV decoder
  • Video event buttons no longer disappear when entering expanded edit mode or expanded track mode
  • The Active Take Information (and other event text items) no longer react to the Button Highlight Color preference
  • The audio in ProRes 422 files created through Convergent Design hardware is now handled properly
  • XAVC now properly shows up as an option in the Prerender Video format list
  • The Render As dialog's Name field no longer locks after rending to a Panasonic P2 file
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on exiting the software when the project uses interlaced files and you close it without saving
  • AVC files created by MP4 Creator no longer crash when not using the QSV decoder
  • Audio from HEVC video shot with the GoPro HERO6 is now properly supported
  • Improved stability of the Defocus and Starburst effects when running with an AMD GPU
  • Video created with unusual aspect ratios are now properly handled
  • AVC/PCM audio files no longer distort during playback
  • AVC/MOV 29.97 files from the iPhone 6s are now handled properly
  • The LUT FIlter is now handled properly in 8bit pixel format projects with GPU acceleration of video processing set to off
  • The Border plug-in now properly recognizes when a frame size has been changed with GPU active
  • It is now possible to render 10-bit HEVC files using SkyLake or older processors with QSV
  • [Moderator Edit] "Add Hitfilm Effect" removed from the context menu for empty events (discussion).
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 5:04 PM

VEGAS Pro 15 Update 4 (build 321) 9th March 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a UI resource leak that could lead to sluggish performance and/or application crash
  • The Color picker no longer inadvertently moves the VEGAS window to the background on Windows 10
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 5:05 PM

VEGAS Pro 15 Update 5 (build 361) 25th May 2018

New Features

  • Added support for AMD VCE hardware acceleration for encoding 8-bit, progressive HEVC files and H264 AVC/AAC files
  • The So4Coumpoundplug now supports reading Timecode from MP4/MOV files formats such as GoPro, XAVC-S, and Alpha 7s cameras
  • Added an option to disable hardware acceleration when creating custom presets in Intel HEVC Render plugin
  • Added a preference that enables you to bypass QSV hardware acceleration and operate without this technology

Bug Fixes

  • Selectively Paste Attributes can now copy event switches independently of audio FX
  • Improved workflow and performance of the Swap Video Files function including that the folder dialog now remembers the last used diretory
  • OK button in the Video Swap is now properly positioned regardless of any resizing of the dialog box
  • Improved the efficiency of undo history when making changes to parameters of an OFX plug-in
  • H.263 files are now properly supported on the timeline
  • Problems reading ProRes files on the timeline have been resolved
  • Docking window tab order no longer gets mixed up
  • Pressing Enter in the Render dialog box now properly executes a render instead of opening render options
  • Rending an image sequence to BMP and JPEG formats in 32-bit mode now yields the correct output
  • Color levels are properly preserved when rendering a 32-bit project to XDCAM-EX format [Moderator edit: Also fixed for Sony AVC]
  • Resolved a conflict between QSV and 10-bit HEVC file renders on i7-770/i7-8700 systems
  • Tabbing behavior has been improved in the Render As dialog box so that the results of tabbing from one control to the next is more logical
  • The Swap Media dialog box no longer places the OK button in an unexpected state upon window resize
  • 32-bit, 4K projects now calculate project size correctly and no longer exhibit random failures or unexpected behavior
  • The Explorer window now properly preserves the file list arrangement in Details mode
  • Tabbing behavior in the Render As dialog box has been greatly improved
  • Event header buttons no longer get clipped by the vertical scrollbar
  • A problem that could cause audio FX to have a cumulative effect when they should not has been resolved
  • Customization of favorite render templates is now properly recognized
  • Memory management has been improved to enhance render performance for GPUs with less than 4GB memory on 4K 32 bit projects
  • The application now properly handles codec activation requests when the PC is off line
  • Audio FX no longer have a cumulative effect when looping playback of a 32-bit WAV file
  • Right-clicking to open the context menu with several events selected, some of which are empty, no longer causes a crash
  • The LUT OFX plug-in now properly handles alpha values
  • MAGIX AVC/AAC plugin now shows the full set of encoding modes when the QSV global preference is disabled
  • The File Name field in the Render As dialog box no longer locks users out after rendering to a P2 file
  • Region metadata from the Sony A7 camera is now properly supported
  • Paste Event Attributes from an event holding footage of one frame size to an event holding footage of a different frame size now handles event Pan/Crop values properly
  • Opening the event context menu or the Edit menu when a video track has three or more empty events on it no longer causes a crash
  • Moderator addition: GoPro, DJI & Xiaomi Yi AVC formats removed from blacklist for So4 Compound Reader
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 5:06 PM

VEGAS Pro 15 Update 6 (build 384) 16th July 2018


  • Changed wording MAGIX ProRes to MAGIX Intermediate Codec
  • Fixed the installation of a file which helps direct media to be read by the correct plugins
    [Moderator note: This presumably refers to so4_blacklist_vp15.xml now being installed in C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 15.0\, where it can be read. See here].
  • Korean localization fixes
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 5:09 PM

VEGAS Pro 15 Update 8 (build 416) 22nd November 2018

New Features

  • Custom frame rates can now be set when encoding using AMD and VCE render templates in the MAGIX AVC/HEVC formats
  • An update notification feature has been added in order to keep in better touch with users when new product updates and fixes are available    
  • Time Stretch/Pitch Shift capabilities have been added to Scripting API for Audio Events


Bug Fixes

  • Pasting event attributes from one generated media event to another with different properties now works properly
  • Renaming certain files in the Explorer window no longer causes a crash
  • Audio recorded using Quicktime on a Macbook Air no longer get corrupted by so4compoundplug
  • The ExpandTrackGroup method in the TrackGroup class for scripting no longer collapses an already-expanded track group
  • Overwriting files when rendering with AMD VCE templates now properly reports file size
  • The Internet HD 720p 29.97 fps (AMD VCE) template now yields the proper framerate
  • Audio recorded using Quicktime on a Macbook Air no longer get corrupted by so4compoundplug
  • The Neat Video (and other temporal effects) now works properly when placed before Pan/Crop in an event FX chain
  • Paste Event Attributes no longer incorrectly adjusts Pan/Crop settings
  • Stand-alone preview and capture DeckLink cards, such as DeckLink Mini Monitor or Mini Recorder, are now properly supported
  • Overwriting files when rendering with AMD VCE templates now properly reports file size
  • Internet HD 720p 29.97 fps (AMD VCE) template now render with the proper frame rate
  • The render destination folder is now used for temporary file creation during the render process to avoid inadvertently filling up the user's C: drive
  • Event Pan/Crop animation now works properly on events that hold still images
  • All files now retain Markers & Regions in Trimmer
  • Right Alt+z and Shift+Right Alt+z now properly give users of the Polish localized version ż and Ż
  • Color Curve channel behavior has been improved so that changing the channel on one changes only that one and no others, and new curves are always added with the default settings instead of the settings from the previous curve worked with
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 5:10 PM

VEGAS Pro 16 build 248 (first public release) 27th August 2018

New Features

  • Video stabilization has been completely redeveloped in house to provide far better stabilization results
  • Motion tracking enables the user to follow the motion of on-screen objects and apply video FX and filters to the moving area
  • Bezier Masking OFX plug-in provides complete flexibility in creating multiple masks with simple to complex shapes, apply masks to the media or video FX, and use a motion track to have the mask follow selected objects in the video
  • Project Media thumbnails now feature hover scrub so you can easily review media files without first adding them to the timeline or Trimmer
  • The user can mark in and out points on each clip in the Project Media window, then preview just the material between the two points and add just that material to the timeline
  • In and out points can be marked separately on the same media in different bins–especially important in the new storyboard bins
  • Project Media thumbnails can now be resized in order to see more detail in the thumbnail
  • You can now preview multiple files sequentially in the Project Media window (including the new storyboard bins) either by selecting no files (in which case they will all preview one after the other) or by selecting specific files (in which case, just those files will preview)
  • Significant workflow improvements have been added to the Project Media bin system in the Project Media window
  • You can now drag a project media bin (including the new Storyboard bins) to the timeline to add all of the contents of that bin sequentially to the timeline
  • More logically centralized tools for adding media to your project through the Project Media window
  • Quick Start dashboard provides quick access to major workflow operations
  • Added color swatches to the Device Preferences to provide a visual indication of the Interface Type preference
  • Tiny Planet OFX plug-in for creative treatment of regular and 360 footage
  • You can now easily add a missing audio or video stream back to your project automatically synchronized and grouped with its partner stream
  • A button has been added to the Render As dialog box to instantly set the render to location to match the project file location
  • Robust auto-save and backup options have been added so the user can specify how often they want their project saved or backups created
  • The user can generate automatic subtitle events on a new subtitle track from TXT and CSV files, including support for timecode in and out information in a CSV file so that the subtitles end up in the exact desired position
  • A new menu item allows the user to remove gaps between selected events
  • The user has an option to export HDR metadata in HEVC 32 bit projects which can then be ready by sites such as YouTube
  • [Moderator Addition: A "Select All After Cursor" command has been introduced, allowing the user to select all events under and after the current cursor position, on either all tracks or selected tracks.]

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple project media bin bugs have been resolved
  • Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y functionality has been restored in the tree view of the Project Media window
  • RAM usage is now managed properly and efficiently in complex projects
  • Double-clicking on a media generator thumbnail now properly adds the generator to the timeline
  • You can now properly directly access the context menu for Text parameter keyframes and keyframes properly receive focus in all click cases
  • A blank window no longer appears when the "Swap for" folder contains no compatible files
  • Non-functional Help button no longer appears in Edit Visible Button Set dialog box
  • VEGAS no longer crashes when a group track is removed via scripting
  • The Render As dialog has been refined so that it no longer shows incorrect options of some file formats
  • Export to Media Composer/Pro Tools AAF no longer fails when the video track contains a still image
  • Export to Davinci Resolve now delivers tracks in the proper order
  • The Video scopes now properly reflect ACES color-managed output
  • The Render As dialog no longer becomes hidden in certain circumstances
  • The Internet HD 720p 29.97 fps (AMD VCE) template for the MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4 file format now correctly renders at 29.97 fps as expected
  • For scripting, the ExpandTrackGroup method in the TrackGroup class no longer incorrectly collapses a group if it already expanded
  • The LUT filter and other OFX plug-ins now properly recognize special characters in folder names
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 5:12 PM

VEGAS Pro 16 Update 1 (build 261) 3rd September 2018

New Features

  • You can now split tangents on the Bézier Masking OFX plug-in so you can create curved masks with perfect accuracy
  • You can now preview HDR using the 10-bit OpenGL pixel format
  • A new script enables users to create text that is "pinned" to a motion tracked object
  • An improved interface makes the stabilization plug-in more intuitive and easy to use
  • It is now possible to automatically create subtitles based upon named regions in your project

Bug Fixes

  • A proper error message appears if the user attempts to insert subtitles from a file without actually choosing a valid file
  • All QuickStart window buttons are now active when the user opens a project that already has media on the timeline
  • Stabilization now more properly handles accurate mode
  • Stabilization now recognizes black initial frames and works properly regardless of a black frame's presence
  • The Live Save function no longer conflicts with Master fader operation
  • Crosshair interacts for position parameters in OFX plugins now works as intended
  • The Stabilization plug-in's avoid Black Borders option now works more effectively
  • Bézier Masking Edit Mode is now properly limited to only one mask at a time
  • When you copy an event that has Video FX on it, then paste event attributes onto an event of a different resolution, the target event's Pan/Crop settings are properly handled
  • HEVC files rendered through the MAGIX HEVC QSV encoder now play back more efficiently
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 5:13 PM

VEGAS Pro 16 Update 2 (build 307) October 2018

New Features

  • You can now set any preset of the Titles and Text media generator as the default for the Insert Subtitles from Files and Insert Subtitles from Regions functions
  • You can now create subtitles by importing SRT files with the Insert Subtitles from files feature
  • Video scopes can now be set to display the NITS scale for HDR work, including for 8-bit projects
  • VEGAS now warns you if no track has been armed for recording when you start recording and enables you to specify which existing track or tracks you want to record to, or to create a new track and record to that
  • Replacing media in the Main Storyboard timeline now updates the project timeline
  • The user now has the ability to "pin" another video event to a motion tracked event
  • Custom frame rates can now be set when encoding using AMD and VCE render templates in the MAGIX AVC/HEVC formats
  • The Main Timeline storyboard no longer automatically reacts to changes on the timeline. A Refresh Storyboard button has been added to the Project Media window when viewing a storyboard which enables you to manually match the storyboard to the timeline
  • A Red background for the Main Timeline storyboard alerts the user when the storyboard is out of sync with the project timeline and must be manually updated
  • A dialog box warns the user that the Main Timeline storyboard cannot be altered until it is updated to be in sync with the main timeline
  • A Red warning bar at the edge of storyboard thumbnails indicates when the timeline event is longer than the media it holds
  • You can now set in/out points in the storyboard for audio-only files
  • You can now set in/out points in the storyboard for still-image files
  • The Storyboard now properly recognizes L and J cuts and orders itself appropriately
  • Added support for time stretched/compressed events hover scrub in and out point trimming, and storyboard refresh
  • A new OFX plug-in enables you to add video stabilization to 360° video


  • The Neat Video (and other temporal effects) now works properly when placed before Pan/Crop in an event FX chain
  • MTS files now render properly at 25p or lower framerates
  • The Internet HD 720p 29.97 fps (AMD VCE) template now yields the proper framerate
  • Reordering items in the storyboard no longer causes media in and out points to be reset
  • Audio recorded using Quicktime on a Macbook Air no longer get corrupted by so4compoundplug
  • The stabilization tool's Zoom parameter now properly persists through project save, close, and reload
  • The Render As dialog box no longer gets hidden off screen in a dual monitor set up which would cause the appearance of VEGAS freezing
  • Media in and out points are now properly honored when adding an unassociated storyboard bin to the timeline
  • The Insert Subtitles from File operation now properly recognizes commas in the subtitle text
  • The Add at Project Frame Rate operation now works properly when the media frame rate does not match the project frame rate
  • The audio meter context menu properly appears as expected again
  • The Scene Rotation plug-in has been optimized and should no longer cause occasional crashes at start up
  • The AutoSave function no longer triggers the creation of an unwanted duplicate storyboard which could occur in some cases
  • Crash has been resolved when using video stabilization and motion tracking with an AMD Phenom II card
  • Double-clicking Color Correction custom tab parameters now properly sets the parameters to their defaults
  • Overwriting files when rendering with AMD VCE templates now properly reports file size
  • Deleting storyboard placeholders no longer cause crashes as they did in certain instances
  • Replacing a generated placeholder with a clip no long crashes the application as was the case in certain scenarios
  • Moving generated media in the storyboard now follows expected behavior
  • External preview now works properly through Decklink cards in 32-bit projects
  • Fixed potential inconsistencies caused by replacing a generated placeholder with a video clip
  • Moving a generated media thumbnail to the end of the storyboard no longer causes an unwanted duplicate thumbnail
  • Sync Cursor to Media Timeline again works properly when user clicks on a keyframe in the FX automation section
  • Unwanted extra generated media thumbnails are no longer created in the storyboard when changing the order of thumbnails
  • Importing bins from one project into another no longer causes a crash
  • Importing media from one project into another now works properly
  • The BattleCompVintage VST and other plug-ins now work properly
  • 32-bit projects created in older versions of VEGAS now open properly as 32-bit in VEGAS Pro 16
  • Dragging a media generator to the Main Timeline Storyboard no longer causes a crash
  • The render destination folder is now used for temporary file creation during the render process to avoid inadvertently filling up the user's C: drive
  • Certain specific MOV files no longer cause a crash when stabilization is applied
  • Switching through presets no longer disables stabilization in any case
  • Event Pan/Crop animation now works properly on events that hold still images
  • Color samplers in the Parameters and Custom tabs of the Color Corrector OFX plug-in are now correct and consistent
  • Stabilization of video clips that contain zooms now works properly
  • The Auto Zoom option now works more exactly to eliminate black borders
  • Right Alt+z and Shift+Right Alt+z now properly give users of the Polish localized version ż and Ż
  • Color Curve channel behavior has been improved so that changing the channel on one changes only that one and no others, and new curves are always added with the default settings instead of the settings from the previous curve worked with
  • All files now retain Markers & Regions in Trimmer
  • Timeline performance problems caused by automatically updating the Main Timeline storyboard during a timeline edit have been resolved
  • [Moderator addition: Stand-alone preview and capture DeckLink cards, such as DeckLink Mini Monitor or Mini Recorder, are now properly supported]
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 5:14 PM

VEGAS Pro 16 Update 3 (build 352) 20th December 2018

New Features

  • In addition to manual refresh to keep the storyboard in sync with the timeline, an automatic refresh option has been added so the storyboard refreshes after each timeline edit
  • An update notification feature has been added in order to keep in better touch with users when new product updates and fixes are available
  • DX12 based HDR external preview support
  • The video stabilization plug-in now has three modes for use depending upon the level of control desired ranging from basic mode with simple one-click operation, to expert mode with a powerful set of optimization parameter controls
  • Automation for Video stabilization parameters enables you to make adjustments over time or to bypass stabilization during certain portions of a clip
  • HDR Mastering Display Metadata for rendering HDR10 content has been added to the Project Media window
  • A filter option in the Render As dialog box filters the render formats and templates down to just those are are 360° compatible when you've specified your project as a 360°in the Video tab of Project Properties
  • Mechanism is now in place to inform users when a new update of the software is available
  • [Moderator Addition: If plugins fail a new, silent OpenCL-compatibility test they are prevented from using the GPU, or disabled completely if the plugin cannot work without OpenCL]


  • Inconsistencies when analyzing a video for stabilization with the Static setting selected have been resolved
  • Closing and reopening the Project Media window no longer disengages storyboard hover scrub, and no longer resets storyboard in/out points
  • Stabilization works properly when the video is contained on a track that has an audio track above it on the timeline
  • Using the Esc key while dragging an event properly cancels the move operation rather than clearing the storyboard and causing a crash upon reopening the Project Media window
  • The mouse wheel works properly with OFX plug-ins even when Scroll Inactive windows is enabled in Windows
  • This update correctly preserves the order of effects in video effect chains that were created in VEGAS Pro 15 or earlier which involve pre-Event Pan/Crop effects and post-composite track effects
  • Manually adjusting the Zoom slider properly disables the Auto-zoom checkbox 
  • Missing Aspect ratio options have been add back to the Properties dialog box
  • The Use Current Project Folder option has been fixed in the Advanced Save utility
  • Text boxes scroll correctly when Scroll inactive windows is enabled in Windows 10
  • Render template Frame Rate settings properly use a period or comma based on the language the application has been installed in
  • The Project Media window is no longer limited to showing just 100 thumbnails
  • Project Media thumbnails do not redraw when there are more than 49 shown and you move the mouse over them
  • Improved thumbnail reading in the Project Media window avoids crashing
  • Variable frame rate media plays back with properly synchronized audio
  • Fixed issue where improper thumbnail can appear for generated media in the Project Media window
  • Fixed issue where some MP4 files crashed the application when loaded into VEGAS
  • Audio Event FX window no longer remains open after deleting the track from which the audio effect is applied to
  • Issue when envelopes move in the wrong direction when using the CTRL key while dragging is fixed
  • Fixed crash when loading some plugins on startup


  • Checkerboard artifacts may be visible in HDR external preview when preview quality is set to "Best" with certain kinds of footage; please switch to "Good" quality in such scenarios; this does not affect the actual rendered output
  • Very bright yellows can blow out with the default ACES Rec.2020/1000 nits IDT; please use Levels FX to adjust the footage to work around that.
NickHope wrote on 1/23/2019, 5:17 PM

VEGAS Pro 16 Update 4 (build 361) 16th January 2019

Bug fixes

  • Crash that can happen when OpenColorIO library is not installed properly is now prevented
  • Incorrect values in metadata for HDR renders has been corrected
  • Improved handling of hardware dependent video plugins when GPU does not initialize properly
  • Likelihood of crash when resizing thumbnails in Project Media window has been reduced
  • Improved performance of thumbnail drawing within the project media window
  • Problem with some valid video plugins not appearing in the plugin chooser has been resolved
  • Crash when launching on a 2 GPU system when with one GPU disabled has been fixed
  • Smoothing parameter is now available in the basic mode of the Video Stabilization plugin
  • Crash when updating a grouped track that is not visible has been fixed
  • Crash when reading certain MP4 files is now prevented
  • Disabled some JDR project properties for non-HDR projects
  • Disabled HDR preview preference for 8 bit projects
  • Crash that may occur if the timeline ruler and speed controls are not visible as been resolved
  • Crash they may occur when beginning a render of building peaks or other similar tasks has been resolved