vp 17 for dji X5S prores cinema encode

Bruno-Campigotto wrote on 2/5/2020, 9:46 AM

good morning everyone.

could i have your opinion?

i'm moving on Dji X5S, with Cinema Dng and ProRes.

what software do you consider for have better result on this codec.?

i got xeon E1225@ 3.3ghz., quadro P600 and 40gb ECC ram, win 10 pro for workstation.

i'm working on Vegas 15 , but on last months both Vegas15 and Davinci, so now need to buy upgrde to 17, or da vinci studio.

i dont want to know which is better, software is different, there's no better, for me.

which the better for working with both codec? (load on CPU, Load on video card, speed encode/workflow)





Musicvid wrote on 2/5/2020, 9:49 AM

Video editing softwares have free trials, so download those and choose the program(s) that work the best for your needs.

Bruno-Campigotto wrote on 2/5/2020, 10:19 AM

i'm sorry Musicvid, but did you read the post? i'm not sure.

i need prof comment, please. i'm not beginner….

Musicvid wrote on 2/5/2020, 10:36 AM

what software do you consider for have better result on this codec.?

I don't know. That is the extent of my professional comment on this codec. In undertaking such a deci$ion, I would trust my own test-drive comparisons over published specs or claims.

I hope someone here knows this codec better than I do ;?)


Bruno-Campigotto wrote on 2/5/2020, 10:44 AM

thanks, this is a prof comment. thanks.

john_dennis wrote on 2/5/2020, 10:53 AM

[amateur opinion]

I anticipate a system hardware upgrade is in your future.

[/amateur opinion]

On a lighter note. Other than the Xeon processor, do you have any hardware that would make use of Windows 10 for Workstations?

Musicvid wrote on 2/5/2020, 1:46 PM

thanks, this is a prof comment. thanks.

Thanks for the endorsement! Not my first rodeo either.


Bruno-Campigotto wrote on 2/6/2020, 2:21 AM

hp workstation Z240 tower.

eikira wrote on 2/8/2020, 12:19 AM

since cinema dng is not really supported as a video container format in vegas pro (you can add it as a sequence) and you still would want to work with that, davinci studio would be the clear better choice for that.

but if you want to work with prores, vegas pro 17 has no issues to work with that codec at all, its very easy and i find it flawless so far (if its not proress 4444, i still did not manage to run that in my Vegas Pro). cinema dng works easy on davinci studio, which is no surprise because most of blackmagic cameras use it as a raw recording codec.

but you asked which is better for both codecs, so the answer, i think, is only one, davinci studio.

i personally find davinci a nightmare to edit and cut, if you have multiple tracks to work with, but in terms of colorcorrecting and remain data accuracy it beats vegas pro easy.

Bruno-Campigotto wrote on 4/28/2020, 1:55 PM

thanks eikira for your recommendations.

sorry for delay but was more in trouble with work.

i think vegas have better workflow on timeline, fast , quickly; davinci breakmind.

davinci is better for color, no doubt, now work on davinci only on demo mode, but think that have more issue on 422 and on 4444. move on pay versione on next day.

maybe Tomorrow will try davinci 17 on 422 and 4444. will see.