Happy Otter Scripts for Vegas Pro


wwaag wrote on 3/13/2020, 2:09 PM


No problem here.

MikeLV wrote on 3/13/2020, 3:44 PM

Just a fluke, didn't happen again :-)

MikeLV wrote on 3/13/2020, 4:27 PM

x264 Question: (posting here since it's an option in HOS)

What is the relationship between the presets (slower, medium, etc) and the CRF setting for cq mode?

Musicvid wrote on 3/13/2020, 4:56 PM

Bitrate will vary at a given CRF at different presets; however, it's a fuzzy relationship and hard to predict, often seeming paradoxical at the output. Let your production schedule and your eyes make the determination here.

x264 has gotten so good that it's rarely advisable to go slower than Medium preset, nor lower than CRF 18. Personally, VeryFast at CRF 20 more than meets my delivery criteria, and I've been called "picky."

Note that x265 is a whole 'nuther story, and no direct correlation exists between the numbers from the two encoders.

MikeLV wrote on 3/20/2020, 11:36 AM

Can someone give me guidance on what "Chrominance Matrix" in the avisynth settings page should be set to?

On another front, what does it mean if the render completes, but the render dialog box, including the "render progress" and the "debugmode frame server" windows stay open? The rendered file is in tact and complete. Additionally, clicking the red X on the Render Progress box in the bottom right of the screen isn't closing anything. I'll have to end the task I think.

wwaag wrote on 3/20/2020, 7:19 PM


Can someone give me guidance on what "Chrominance Matrix"

That's a good question, but unfortunately the answer isn't so simple since it depends upon the type of footage one has, the render format being used, and the target usage of the rendered file. In other words, the user has to decide what is best for his particular situation.

Here's a screen grab which shows the options of the latest build (not yet out).

First a simple explanation of how video rendering works in HOS which is essentially the same as the Vegas2Handbrake script from a few years ago. From Vegas uncompressed RGB frames are rendered using the DebugMode FrameServer (DMFS). These frames are then "read" by Avisynth which converts the frames from DMFS into a format that can later be "read" by FFmpeg where the actual rendering takes place. One reason for such a "pipeline" is that FFmpeg cannot read directly from DMFS. Plus, processing in Avisynth also enables filters to be added such as slow motion, denoising, de-interlacing, etc.

When frames are first "read" into Avisynth, they must be converted into a suitable color space for whatever filters are being applied as well as the eventual rendering inside of FFmpeg. Most, but not all, Avisynth filters require a conversion from RGB to the YUV color space. Hence, the need for selecting an appropriate Matrix option. At the moment, there are 6 options.

1. HD-PC High Definition color space (BT709) with a Luminance range of 0-255. Inside of Avisynth, it's called PC.709.

2. SD-PC Standard definition color space (BT601) with a Luminance range of 0-255. Inside of Avisynth, it's called PC.601.

3. HD-TV High definition color space (BT709) with a Luminance range of 16-235. Inside of Avisynth, it's called Rec709.

4. SD-TV Standard definitiion color space (BT601) with a luminance range of 16-235. Inside of Avisynth, it's called Rec601.

5. RGB - no conversion to YUV. Assumes DMFS is set to 24bit.

6. RGBA - no conversion to YUV. Assumes DMFS is set to 32bit which is necessary for rendering the alpha channel. RGB32 is also required for Defish filter in Avisynth.

The default is HD-PC which works "most" of the time. For renders using h264 or hevc as the format, the resulting luminance and chrominance will be pretty much the same as the timeline. You can confirm this using Scopes. However, for certain avi formats such as MagicYUV, the best matrix option is SD-TV if you want to keep colors the same (note that this is automatically set in HOS). The user can always change these to suit his own needs. Within the same dialog, there are also options to change levels in much the same way the level Fx in Vegas works.

The simple answer, however, is to just use the Default settings unless you're not happy with the results. At that point, you could try other options.

Hope this nickel explanation helps.


MikeLV wrote on 3/21/2020, 11:40 AM

Yes, thank you that helps. I encode to H264 for viewing on Vimeo, Youtube and Facebook. So I will stick with HD-PC.

wwaag wrote on 3/21/2020, 12:16 PM

New version released. Change log may be found here. https://tools4vegas.com/wp-content/uploads/HappyOtter-Change-Log.pdf

New Versions: Virtualdub2, Nvencc64. QSVencc64, VCEencc64 plus most Avisynth plug-ins including 64bit version of Defish

New Features

  • ImportAssist—crops gif files to make sure frame size is mod2 compatible necessary for x264
  • RenderPlus—added PSNR and SSIM metrics to render stats when available
  • ProxyAssist—added 4:3 frame sizes plus an option for a custom frame size
  • AviDub—added support for both YUV and RGB FFmpeg renders for MagicYUV and UtVideo
  • OtterMenu—added a “traditional” menu for launching HOS tools  for those not using OtterBar or OtterInfoBar

  • Significantly faster launch times for most HOS tools

Bug Fixes

  • DeshakerRedux-mask creation not displayed correctly for 4:3 footage—fixed
  • ImportAssist—import of multiple audio streams not added to timeline correctly--fixed
  • RenderPlus—render folder location not saved correctly after new HOS install--fixed


musko wrote on 3/22/2020, 5:29 AM

@wwaag I don't see all menu items.
Is any way to fix this?
Or is problem on my site?

Grazie wrote on 3/22/2020, 5:40 AM

@musko - Unless I'm mistaken, I counted 22 Items in Wayne's and your ScreenGrab.

Grazie wrote on 3/22/2020, 5:42 AM

@musko - Ah! got it: "Smart Video Trim"! - Apologies.

musko wrote on 3/22/2020, 5:43 AM

@Grazie and RenderPlus what I need

Grazie wrote on 3/22/2020, 5:44 AM

@musko - Ooops, R+

Grazie wrote on 3/22/2020, 5:45 AM

@musko - Looks like they COULD be there, just that your Window has got a Pinched bottom? 😉

musko wrote on 3/22/2020, 5:49 AM

Yes it is at the bottom of the menu window.
But how can I reorder it or show it?
That's the question.

Grazie wrote on 3/22/2020, 6:20 AM

Dunno . . . . How's your DOT Net Framework? Up to date? We have reports of not ALL of Screen gets revealed and this .NET update helps.

musko wrote on 3/22/2020, 7:11 AM

I think I have the current version of NET Framework

wwaag wrote on 3/22/2020, 12:25 PM


It would appear that there is display scaling issue. Are you using a UHD display by chance? I'd suggest trying different settings just to see if that makes any difference. Let me know.

musko wrote on 3/22/2020, 12:40 PM

I have 21" monitor with 1920x1080 resolution (scale setting to 100%).
Graphic card is NVIDIA GTP1080 (442.19 driver).
WIndows 10 Home.

I tried different settings of resolution with no luck.

frmax wrote on 3/22/2020, 1:52 PM

No problems here. 27" Monitor, 3840x2160 resolution, HighDPI-Scaling off, NVIDIA 2080RTX

musko wrote on 3/22/2020, 2:14 PM

I'm not open from script menu but I had added (new feature) button to the menu bar and open from this.

wwaag wrote on 3/22/2020, 2:21 PM

Problem confirmed with displays smaller than 24". Just tried it on my 13" laptop and the menu was truncated--even more. I'll have a "hot-fix" later today for download.

wwaag wrote on 3/22/2020, 4:04 PM


Just discovered the problem after looking "carefully" at your screen grab. Since apparently you've been "updating" rather than a doing a "clean install", there are a couple of left-over scripts that can be deleted and it should work OK. Assuming that you are using a Magix version, go to "C:\ProgramData\HappyOtterScripts\Magix Vegas Pro\Scripts" and delete the LaunchColorCop and LaunchVirtualDub scripts plus associated png's and it should work OK. Those scripts are now included as part of the ExternalApps tool.

Another option is to download a new OtterMenu.dll file at https://www.dropbox.com/s/cgzqr44pb98k7aq/OtterMenu.dll?dl=0

The new menu file enables additional scripts to be added to the above folder and simply adds a scroll bar in the event the number of scripts exceeds the current number which is 22. Actually, this seems to be a pretty useful addition that I will include in the next build release. Here's a screen grab.

To install, download and copy to "C:\ProgramData\VEGAS Pro\Application Extensions". First make sure that Windows has not "blocked" the file which often happens when apps are downloaded directly from DropBox. To test, right-click on the file and select properties. If blocked, you will see a dialog similar to the following. Simply click on "Unblock" and then "Apply".

Either one of these two methods should solve your problem. Let me know if there are additional problems. Thanks for reporting the issue.

wwaag wrote on 3/22/2020, 5:44 PM

New version of the menu file in previous post uploaded fixing a couple of bugs. Please advise if there are further problems.