[VP17 321] Quantize bug on stretched events deletion

nonam3 wrote on 10/9/2019, 7:32 PM

To reproduce:

- launch VP17 321
- set Quantize to frames
- enable auto ripple (affected tracks)
- enable snapping / snap to markers / snap to all events
- add auto generated media, tested with SolidColor, add i.e 5-15 to track (copy / paste is ok, but harder to reproduce, happens more often when events are "unique"), move one after another without any space in between


Delete events and see how rest / ones in between / are laid out after deletion.
At this point it all works correctly when one event ends another starts without overlapping each other.


Time stretch events (CTRL + LMB press and move on event end, probably doesn't matter but tested using end).
Do this for few events to see issue more clearly it's important that these events are one after another.

Delete stretched events.
At some point one of events will overlap end of previous one (one that was located before lastly deleted one).
Or to put it simpler next event will move before start position of deleted one, this is for situation where there is no event before deleted one.


No overlapping / start position shift.
After deletion events should be placed at start position of deleted one.

PS. didn't noticed this issue on VP16 361


fr0sty wrote on 10/9/2019, 8:38 PM

Fantastic bug report! Very detailed. Thank you!

Musicvid wrote on 10/9/2019, 9:36 PM

Do you have Auto Ripple enabled? If so, try it without.

nonam3 wrote on 10/9/2019, 9:47 PM

Do you have Auto Ripple enabled? If so, try it without.

And how would You reproduce this bug ???

Without Auto Ripple events stays exactly where is was there is no move of any events whatsoever upon deletion of any event on track so no calculation for new position and no bug right ???

Grazie wrote on 10/9/2019, 10:33 PM

@nonam3 - I appreciate and applaud your Bug Reporting methodology. I wish others followed your example. When you did this in VP16, did you also used GenMed? You weren’t using any Timecoded Media? I have to ask.

I’m definitely going to attempt a repro of this, this morning.

nonam3 wrote on 10/9/2019, 11:17 PM

Timecoded Media - no.
VP16 - yes, I used it with Auto Generated Media (solid color) and with real video, same setup - no issue at all

To be clear here - this happens on every event type (well at least group video + one audio track or AutoGenMed) and only in VP17. Used auto generated to make it easier to reproduce.

To me it seams like this is bug either with:

a) quantize is applied when moving next event ignoring Auto Ripple tool, so instead of moving next start event timeline to either end of previous one or to start of deleted one (if no media) vegas quantize location assuing (incorrectly) it was between frame boundary. I do assume that expected behaviour when Quantize and Auto Ripple are enabled is that quantization is ignored upon deletion and next event is snapped to start position of deleted event.

b) problem with threshold for frame boundary detection after move so quantize kick in for very small differences (floating point roundness ???)

c) when Time Stretching events VP17 either won't quantize at all or do this incorrectly (although from time line stand point events ends are located at frame boundary) so when deletion with Auto Ripple kicks in another quantization is triggered and result is incorrect. It result with event shifts to one frame before deleted event start | previous event end.

PS. project FPS is 29,970

Grazie wrote on 10/10/2019, 12:57 AM

@nonam3 - I’m “spit-balling” here..... See if placing some TC Media on the TL makes a difference. OR render just one GenMed item.

nonam3 wrote on 10/10/2019, 8:28 AM


TC Media doesn't matter to me as I need this to work how it worked with VP16. Rendering has nothing to do with this issue well it has as there will be either shift by 1 frame or fast smooth fade but that will be unnoticeable.

At this point I will probably just revert back to VP16.

Main question here is am I only affected or is this reproducible and recognizable as an error so I can hope it will be fixed in near feature ???

NickHope wrote on 10/10/2019, 12:05 PM

I'm managing to reproduce this issue in both VP16 build 424 and VP17 build 321. 29.97fps project.

VEGASDerek wrote on 10/10/2019, 2:34 PM

We've reproduced the problem here and will be investigating the problem.

Dee wrote on 10/10/2019, 5:50 PM

Thanks for your feedback, the issue has been determined and a fix will be in a future update.

NickHope wrote on 10/11/2019, 12:23 AM

@VEGASDerek @Dee It seems like this issue may be the same as, or closely related to, this one. Please consider that one at the same time.

Dee wrote on 10/11/2019, 12:31 AM

Hey Nick, in fact that’s the bug in our database I’ve been tracking and this thread helped reinforce prioritizing it for fixing. Thanks for referencing it here.

nonam3 wrote on 8/17/2020, 10:04 AM

Unfortunately this is not fixed with 17 Update 2 (build 353) as I can reproduce this issue in latest version of Vegas 18 (build 284).

michael-harrison wrote on 8/17/2020, 10:14 AM

@nonam3 have you verified it not fixed in 17-353?

If it's broken in 18, that could just mean a regression snuck in during the development for 18 and that it *was* fixed in 17-353

System 1:

Processor        Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 3192 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s)

BaseBoard Product        ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING

Installed Physical Memory (RAM)        32.0 GB

Adapter Description        NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660

Driver Version        Studio <the latest stable>

Resolution        1920 x 1080 x 60 hertz

Video Memory 6G GDDR5


System 2:

Lenovo Yoga 720

Core i7-7700 2.8Ghz quad core, 8 logical

16G ram

Intel HD 630 gpu

Nvidia GTX 1050 gpu

nonam3 wrote on 8/17/2020, 10:48 AM

Tested in both 17 (build 353) and 18 (build 284).

Didn't reported it earlier as I missed this task being marked as fixed.

Also I did noticed that version 18 performs worse than 16 and 17. Task like selecting range by double clicking on space between events or on event so range is automatically selected take longer and Ui feel more sluggish (slower Ui response). The project had multiple track with events in total over 100 events (test project is music video with source material cut across 2 source video files).

Spec: Threadripper 3960x, 32 GB RAM (CL14-14-14-34 @ 3600MHz), GTX 1080 Ti, I/O all SSD (Samsung products, from NVME 2TB - OS, to 4 x EVO 4TB - storage - this is where source material is located), Windows 10 P, latest GPU drivers.

nonam3 wrote on 10/17/2020, 9:59 AM

Was checking latest version: VP 18 build 334 and issue is still present.

Uploaded video showing issue (shown at 1:03) in action:

This was recorded on VM with fresh install (no install prior) so everything is default no custom settings etc.