5.1 surround sound

Nirmal-Singh wrote on 10/24/2020, 9:46 AM

how to render 4k video 4096 X 2160p or 3840 X 2160p movie with 5.1 surround sound ! custmers wants only mp4,mkv or pro res file formats ! have a big problem to render surround sound in vegas pro ! i am using win 10 with graphics card 2X fire pro w7000 ,intel core i7 4790k processor with 32gb ram computer ! how to render 4k mp4 movie in vegas pro ! one more thing wmv ( windows media video v11 ) file in not working through usb drive to play on dvd/ blu ray player


Howard-Vigorita wrote on 10/24/2020, 2:41 PM

The old Sony AVC did 5.1 aac surround but only up to HD. The Magix AVC does 4K but only stereo. Same for Magix Intermediate's prores-like output. You might want to double check with your client and see if they'll take the 5.1 in a separate file. Most prefer either 6-channel or surround 5.1 24-bit pcm. Sony Wav64 does both. If you definitely need a single AV file for delivery, supplementing Vegas with an add-on like HOS may do the trick. Or post-processing with either ffmpeg or VirtualDub2 which I think is pretty much the same but not as seamless as the way HOS does it. You can contact vegas user @wwaag who is the author of HOS to make sure.

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Joelson wrote on 10/24/2020, 4:33 PM

You can use the external encoder Render Plus of the Happy Otter Scripts (HOS) by @wwaag or Voukoder. Both are able to render the video and audio in the format that your client wants.

Happy Otter Scripts (HOS) is paid and Voukoder is free. But HOS has many other tools that are essential for editing work in Vegas and are worth the investment.



Nirmal-Singh wrote on 5/16/2022, 7:31 AM

i already bought happy otter scripts pro version ! till last year july it worked properly but now its garbage does'nt work anymore ! something wrong with happy otter scripts plugins ! it can do only stereo not more 5.1 ! waste of money and waste of time ! now i have big problem with happy otter scripts plugins ! i think peoples can buy finel cut pro , or another programm also movavi movie suit software thats works properly 5.1 but one more thing movavi editor plus i think doesnt works for 5.1 rendering ! Vegas pro is expensive than that ! or better also peoples can buy adobe prmiere pro thats works also peoperly on 5.1 surround ! one more thing if in future magix wants custmers then they have to change in vegas pro software for audio surround editing otherway custmers can stop using this software ! davinci resolve is worth of 300us dollers , very good and professional software , also works for surround sound perfectly !

Dexcon wrote on 5/16/2022, 8:09 AM

Which version of Vegas Pro are you using? If it's Vegas Pro 18 or 19, your computer's CPU is well below recommended specifications for either 18 or 19 especially for 4K - your computer's CPU is an Intel gen 4 released in 2014 and discontinued in 2017.

While this is unlikely to be the reason for the 5.1 issue, it questions your option of moving to Premiere Pro because PP currently requires a minimum of a 7th gen Intel CPU for 4K - and PP is subscription only. Final Cut Pro requires an Apple computer. Also, check out the minimum specs for DaVinci Resolve - your computer's CPU is not in the running for 4K in Resolve Studio based on it's recommended minimum specs.

I've taken your competition NLE purchase options to be a rather empty and ill-informed comparison in the broader context. But if you prefer one of the other NLEs, then go for it.

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Nirmal-Singh wrote on 5/16/2022, 9:45 AM

i'm using vegas pro 19 now but before i used 17 and then later 18 pro but 17 and 18 has problem cant update softwares ! so then i bought vegas pro 19 ! now davinci is working properly on my computer win 10 pro and one more thing, also you can use mac pro with installing win10 on it , all softwares working properly , based on win10 and also you can use mac and win oprating sytem ! both oprating systems working properly but you before you restart mac, you have to choose mac or win system ! last movie with 4k + dts Surround sound edited on my windows computer ! for me ok with i7, 4core cpu and fire pro w7000 dual graphics cards ! it takes little long time ! such as 1h13min lenth movie in 4k ( 4096 X 2160p, 24fps) rendering time on my computer with surround 13-15 hours with all efx ! i'm happy now ! ... but i like vegas pro because i starts working in my life with vegas pro ! vegas pro is my first love but now dont like because surround sound doesn.t work anymore ! in davinci you can render two different tracks on playback movie ! stereo and surround to ! my friend told me about that !

Musicvid wrote on 5/16/2022, 4:12 PM

i already bought happy otter scripts pro version ! till last year july it worked properly but now its garbage does'nt work anymore ! something wrong with happy otter scripts plugins ! it can do only stereo not more 5.1 ! waste of money and waste of time ! now i have big problem with happy otter scripts plugins ! ............................

Nirmal, calm down. Happy Otter Scripts was broken by a recent update to Vegas Pro because Frameserver no longer works. The developer of Happy Otter Scripts and the developer of Frameserver are working hard to fix this problem, they do not deserve the disparagement you have leveled, no one is out to cheat you, and this information is freely available by using the Forum Search feature.

Now, Happy Otter Scripts is still fully functional in Vegas Pro 19 version 458 and previous, which you are free to download and use with your current license. Your patience is not only appreciated, it is necessary. Good luck with your project.