ver Plat11, some weird blur occuring - help?!

MistyLara wrote on 3/11/2016, 10:07 PM
i'm rendering out sequential png files.
import media to movie studio 11.
my rendered pngs are fairly crisp.

when i preview it, render to movie,
there's a bit of blur happening.
i don't know how to fix it?
dunno where it's coming from?

but here's the really weird part.
i added another video track,
reversed the frames to extend the animation,
as soon as the movie gets to where it reverses the blur clears.

it's the same exact source frames!!!!
the properties seem identical.
turned off the resampling. checked the box for flicker free

i cant go forward with project with this blur happening.


thanks! :)

i've tried starting over with new project. same thing is happening.
tried deleting the frames from the blurred track,
copied the nice reversed clip,
add it to fresh new video track,
unreversed it,
same blur thing. it makes no sense.

uploaded to ytube to show what is happening,
where the frames reverse, you see the blur stops.



Steve Grisetti wrote on 3/12/2016, 8:45 AM
What template are you using for your output?

Your animation looks pretty good to me! The only blurring I'm seeing (and this could be a YouTube thing too) are compression artificacts.

It's possible using a Render template that uses constant bit rate or a less compression would give you less blurring.
MistyLara wrote on 3/12/2016, 11:57 AM
i used the mp4, apple preset.
also tried the sony mp4, internet 30
make movie loop area ticked.

where can i set constant parameter?

MSmart wrote on 3/12/2016, 9:51 PM
vkmast wrote on 3/13/2016, 6:10 AM
they remind me of the one poem
I once almost read
which surely must be a good thing
so it may be just you.

click "Customize Template" to see the Custom Settings dialog.
Internet 720p template is often recommended.
You could "Search" Tips for YouTube in the SCS Knowledgebase and youtube settings on this forum. If you want to read. A lot.
MSmart wrote on 3/13/2016, 3:21 PM

How true. We're living in a new era where mobile devices have done away with, I guess we now have to call it "legacy", spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

Carry on [my wayward son]...
vkmast wrote on 3/13/2016, 3:57 PM
Shades of Kansas even though we've a feeling we're not there anymore?
MistyLara wrote on 3/13/2016, 8:50 PM

not really goaling for the ytoobs.

ise rendering to simulate panavision - ratio 2:39.
want my dvd to look like style of Ironman(1) / Transformers(1)

is nice, movie studio can make the letterbox bars.

havent tried the dvd architect yet, hoping is intuitive.
vkmast wrote on 3/14/2016, 3:05 AM
>>>not really goaling for the ytoobs - - want my dvd...<<<

If you want DVDs, you need to know the following
render settings for a DVD and
"(Reply by: musicvid10"

¹)NTSC or PAL and video or widescreen video stream as per your project.

Be aware that DVD Architect (Studio 5 version came with Platinum) may be a bit less intuitive than you'd like. You might also try Make Movie Burn DVD options at early stages of learning. Get a few rewritable DVDs to use while you are learning.

if needed.
(Am I having too many déjà vu's?)
MistyLara wrote on 3/14/2016, 5:26 PM

saw the constant bit rate option under the templates, depending on format i selected.

everything i try so far, doesnt support the image quality of sequential png >.<