Teagan wrote on 1/26/2021, 7:14 PM

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 16 does not include DVD Architect 7. The latest version of movie studio platinum to have DVDA7 is version 15.

If you only need DVD Architect 7 I'd suggest buying the box copy on amazon of Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 14 as it includes DVD Architect 7 for $30 USD!

The following bundles include DVD Architect 7:

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 14

Vegas Movie Studio Suite 14

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 15

Vegas Movie Studio Suite 15

Versions before that may include DVD Architect 5 which I would not suggest getting unless you have to. 7 is much better.



Also, please don't buy this product second hand, it may already be registered to someone's magix account and not work, for all I know. The $30 box version I linked to on Amazon would be perfect. That guy may be trying to sell an extra serial code he got from upgrading software, that leaves you with 2 serial codes for DVDA7, which may actually be against the TOS to sell.

panos-dimitriadis wrote on 1/27/2021, 2:32 AM

if i buy the download version from amazon it would be the same ?it will give me the pass for dvd architect

vkmast wrote on 1/27/2021, 4:59 AM

AFAIK, VMS 16 Platinum did include VEGAS DVD Architect (7).

Not sure though if any download version currently allows you a new "pass" for DVD Architect. You might ask emailing and hope for an answer.

Teagan wrote on 1/27/2021, 5:41 AM

I was going off of the box info for the download versions for 16 on amazon and on other websites like steam. DVDA is not listed.

Although on the Boxes for 14-15 DVDA is listed.

Interesting you see that for 16. Maybe you bought it when Magix was still allowed to sell DVDA. I assume their licenses expired since they can't sell it anymore. The pre-made physical box copies must be legacy,

vkmast wrote on 1/27/2021, 6:01 AM

@Teagan yes, my (download) copy of VMS 16 Platinum was acquired when it was released early 2019. As you know, DVD Architect was dropped early August 2020 and VMS Platinum/Suite 17 bundles were changed "mid-release".

VEGAS DVD A is listed in the download managers of VMS 16 P and S (see Nick's d/l FAQ).

To recap for those who have not read any of the many previous threads on the subject, DVD Architect is no longer available for sale from MAGIX.