Adjustment of keyframes screen at extreme values of animated fx

Amivideotek wrote on 12/2/2022, 12:06 PM

Sometimes we can exceed the maximum value of parameters of effects.

When animating these effects we can unfortunately no longer see the keyframe in the curves or in the lanes.

This is a demand for improvement. Is it not possible to adjust this so that the keyframes remain visible?


vkmast wrote on 12/2/2022, 12:52 PM

Moved to the main forum. Please note that the "Vegas Effects" sub-forum is meant for topics related to the VEGAS Effects software that comes with VEGAS Post. (Similarly, the "Vegas Image" sub-forum is for topics related to "VEGAS Image", also included with VEGAS Post.)

Amivideotek wrote on 12/2/2022, 1:29 PM

Ok, I'm going to remember this for the future.