Steve Grisetti wrote on 3/31/2012, 4:36 PM
Sure, Studio allows you to design and save your own theme, Doc.

As I show you in my book, you can save your current design as a custom theme just by going to File menu and selecting Export Menu as Theme.
Doc K wrote on 4/1/2012, 6:22 AM
Thanks Steve,
I already bought your VMSP11 book, but let me finish that one first. (Amazon hasn't even shipped it yet) Then I'll get the DVDA one.

By the way, since you seem to know everything around here, when I hit F1 in DVDA, nothing happens. WUWT

vkmast wrote on 4/1/2012, 6:40 AM
does this give you any Help...
Doc K wrote on 4/1/2012, 6:54 AM
Actually no. That didn't help, but thanks.

The problem only happens in DVDAS. All other windows and programs, the F1 works.
Steve Grisetti wrote on 4/1/2012, 8:18 AM
F1 opens the DVD Architect Studio Help file on my computer.

Does it not do this on yours?
Doc K wrote on 4/1/2012, 4:08 PM
No, but that is what I want when I hit it.

I see the cursor change to an hourglass momentarily, but the help window never opens.

vkmast wrote on 4/1/2012, 4:45 PM
are you able to access the contents of Help by clicking Contents and Index in the Help menu? If not, see if it might be something similar to what was discussed in this thread
Doc K wrote on 4/2/2012, 6:47 AM
OK Same thing in VMSP11. F1 doesn't work. So I uninstalled and reinstalled both.

F1 works in both now but the desktop icons don't work now in either program. I mean, they do open the respective programs, but they do not look like the icon of the exe file in program files. They look like the generic shortcut icon. Refresh doesn't work. Recopying the shortcut doesn't work. Whatever.
vkmast wrote on 4/2/2012, 7:57 AM
Just checking, so Properties / Shortcut / Change Icon...not working either?
Doc K wrote on 4/3/2012, 3:51 PM
Wierd. I read your question, about a day after the problem began, and went to right click on the icon, to verify that I couldn't change the icon to what it's supposed to be, and can you guess what happened.

You got it. Now the icons look correct.

Like I said before, whatever.

At least the video editing functionality of VMSP is not at all a problem.