Downloading Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11

marsmallos wrote on 7/14/2017, 6:04 AM


I'm trying to find a download link for Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11, but I can't find it anywhere on the new Magix/Vegas websites. I could download it as recently as earlier this year but now that I need to reinstall it on a new computer, everything is gone. Do you know where I can find a legitimate download link?




Cornico wrote on 7/14/2017, 6:53 AM

I think the only possible way now is if you have a Magix account and had registered your version at Sony Creative Software with the same email address.
Then you can find it at My Products of your Magix account.

Dr Zen wrote on 7/14/2017, 7:10 AM

I have kept copies of all versions going back to v9.
If you don't have access to your software in your Magix account, I can send you a private link to my cloud storage account and you can download it from there. Send me a private message here.

marsmallos wrote on 7/14/2017, 7:45 AM

I did register my application, that's how I could download it before. Now they've changed the website and the old download page where I used to download it is gone. Last time I downloaded the product was as late as february this year.

The new download centre states "No downloads are available for the selected product." when I enter the serial key I have registered under my Magix account, though it does regonize the product correctly.

It's absolutely scandalous if this company refuses me to let me install software that I have paid money for.

Dr Zen wrote on 7/14/2017, 8:16 AM

NEWSFLASH: Sony sold all of it's Vegas products to Magix, over 12 months ago. After 12 months grace period, Sony is now shutting down all support for Vegas products and is under no legal obligation to support a product you bought from 2011.

When I buy any software program as a download, I make sure to archive the installation files for safe keeping - never rely on the company you bought it from, to archive it for you.

I have offered you a solution, but if you don't want to download a legit copy from me, that's your choice.

vkmast wrote on 7/14/2017, 10:15 AM

Interestingly, all my other SCS software (VP 10 to 13, MSP 10 to 13, DVD AS, DVD AP 5.2 and 6, SFAS 5 etc.) except VMSP 11 is downloadable from MAGIX My Account. The OP should take up the good Doc's offer. Peer support is your friend here.

marsmallos wrote on 7/14/2017, 11:26 AM

Dear Dr Zen, the upset tone of my post was not directed at you, but rather at sony/magix. I'm happy to accept your offer to download a legit copy, it is much appreciated. I do have my old installation discs left, but this laptop didn't come with a CD drive and I have no idea how to transfer the program installation from my stationary computer.

It's even stranger that the company does not have movie studio platinum 11 available for download when it has all those other titles detailed by vkmast.

vkmast wrote on 7/14/2017, 7:59 PM

Even if you copied the files on the software CD onto a USB thumb drive and then transferred to the other computer that has no CD/DVD drive, you'd need to update the main program to the final build as the disc probably has an early MSP build with no or only few bug fixes. The final build # of VMSP 11 was 322

Dr Zen wrote on 7/15/2017, 12:27 AM

I have sent a copy of program to marsmallos.

marsmallos wrote on 7/15/2017, 11:53 AM

Thank you!! Much appreciated!

VEGAS_EricD wrote on 7/17/2017, 10:44 AM

Downloads for serialized MAGIX products are available at:

vkmast wrote on 7/19/2017, 5:08 AM

My version of (Sony) Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 is registered on Magix My Account / My Products and listed there as are my 2 Magix Vegas products and 12 other SCS-era products. All are working. SVMSP 11 is the unlucky 13, i.e. the only one of those apps I would not be able to download from or from my Magix My Account / My Products. Could this be an oversight or is there another reason for that?

vlad-apostolov wrote on 7/30/2017, 6:17 AM

I have sent a copy of program to marsmallos.

Would it be possible to ask for a download link too. I still have my bought working copy on an old XP machine, which I want to retire. I converted the XP machine to virtual machine, but Vegas is not running on the VM. I would like to reinstall it on the VM.

vlad-apostolov wrote on 7/30/2017, 4:27 PM

Thanks a lot Dr Zen, much appreciated.

robert.julian.b wrote on 9/8/2017, 10:50 PM

Would it be possible to ask for a download link as well? Currently helping someone restore their computer and Vegas Movie Studio was on their list. Thanks in advance for your time and any assistance you can lend....

vkmast wrote on 9/9/2017, 4:39 AM section 6.

m2016 wrote on 9/18/2017, 11:35 AM

@marsmallos, @vkmast It seems so that we missed to add the download for SVMSP11. So we did that now, download should be available via Service Center or download page after entering the serial number.

vkmast wrote on 9/18/2017, 11:41 AM

@m2016, thanks for correcting this omission. This has been requested in quite a few comments.