Effects Not Refreshing on Surfacebook2 w/ GTX1060

jeremyscottproductions wrote on 2/1/2018, 3:46 PM

Anyone edit in Vegas on the Surfacebook2? I got the decked out 15" version with GTX 1060 for work and editing - thinking it would sail through VegasPro 15 - and it does very well... HOWEVER... Strangely when I add any kind of effects, I cannot see the effect in the preview window change in real time.

For example, I open an effect, I change a value on an effect (such as contrast), the preview pane doesn't reflect the change in real time. I must physically click out of the effect - then the preview window refreshes and I see the changes I made. This is EXTREMELY annoying as you could imagine. :) It does this with ALL effects, from Sony built in effects, to 3rd party such as FilmConvert, etc. I believe this is somehow due to the GTX 1060, because when I go to the video settings in properties and switch it to the onboard graphics (UHD Graphics 620) and restart - all works as normal (albeit much slower).

Any ideas? This is killing me as I wanted to rely on this machine as a mobile Vegas machine - and it is blazing fast to edit - but having to switch between graphics cards just to see effects update in realtime is very annoying.


Using VegasPro15, latest build. Surfacebook2 15" NVIDIA GTX1060 6G VRAM


vkmast wrote on 2/1/2018, 3:58 PM


"better is read here and special the last post"

NickHope wrote on 2/1/2018, 9:34 PM

@Cornico @vkmast Have the exact parameters that cause this issue been established yet? i.e. GPU models/families, driver versions, OS versions. I'm thinking in terms of an FAQ post about it and a listing on the "known issues" thread.

jeremyscottproductions wrote on 2/1/2018, 9:38 PM

Thanks! I've been using Vegas for 15 years and have never had this issue. Looking forward to a fix. :)

@Cornico is there a driver to possibly roll back TO on the GTX1060? I see that it only goes back to 368.xx, so I'm assuming I'll have to live with the problem for awhile until the fix comes about.

Appreciate the responses!

jeremyscottproductions wrote on 2/1/2018, 9:41 PM

If you guys need any spec info on what I'm using - its simply the lastest version of VegasPro 15, on a stock Surfacebook2 15" with GTX1060

vkmast wrote on 2/1/2018, 9:58 PM

@(untaggable)Nick, Cornico's been my source on this. I do not have any Nvidia to test. A FAQ or listing this does seem appropriate.

NickHope wrote on 2/1/2018, 10:23 PM


Try just typing @ then waiting for the list of this thread's contributors to pop up. Alternatively type @hope and that might narrow it down.

I'll make a note to try and compile a list of affected systems and see what the pattern is.

vkmast wrote on 2/1/2018, 10:40 PM

@NickHope thanks, @hope works.

NickHope wrote on 2/2/2018, 2:47 AM

Thanks. So how does this sound for a "known issues" listing?

  • If VEGAS Pro is displayed using an NVIDIA GPU with a driver version later than 382.53, the effect of FX changes is not shown in the Preview window until the FX control window is dismissed.

Does anyone NOT have this issue using a driver later than 382.53?

vkmast wrote on 2/2/2018, 3:16 AM

Some of the topics (quoted by me) on this










NickHope wrote on 2/2/2018, 4:18 AM

I don't see any reference to a Windows version lower than 10 in those posts, but that's not to say it doesn't happen. Version 2.0:

  • [VP15,14,13] If VEGAS Pro is opened with an NVIDIA GPU (rather than Intel integrated graphics) with a driver version later than 382.53, and that GPU is selected in GPU acceleration of video processing, the effect of FX and text adjustments is not shown in the Preview window until the FX control window is dismissed.

Sounds reasonable?

Dr Zen wrote on 2/2/2018, 7:44 AM

Use this link to do an Advanced search for all available Drivers.

Either 381.89 or 381.65 should work.
I am using 381.89 on my system with Vegas and experience no problems.

GJeffrey wrote on 2/2/2018, 9:10 AM

I don't have any problem with 388.xx driver using a Nvidia GPU (1070ti)

VEGASNeal1 wrote on 2/2/2018, 2:02 PM

On systems with an Integrated Intel GPU and a discrete NVIDIA GPU, the NVIDIA driver has an option for specifying which GPU should be used with the application for general display operations. It can be found in the NVIDIA Control Panel in Manage 3D Settings, and is also typically available in the context menu (right-click menu) for the application. It would be helpful to know if altering this setting alters or corrects this odd behavior.

NickHope wrote on 2/2/2018, 8:38 PM
...I use the latest 390.77 with also no problems, but I had to take my precautions that it should be possible without problems.

What precautions?

NickHope wrote on 2/3/2018, 5:01 AM

The ones I described already many times:

1, On laptop that same as the Magix employee now mentioned
2. On desktop by connecting my main display not on the NVidiacard but on the Motherboard.

So your problem is fixed by taking those precautions, and not by driver 390.77.

Which means that @GJeffrey is on his own in being problem-free with a driver later than 382.53, unless someone else know different.

alex-haynes wrote on 4/8/2018, 3:35 PM

@jeremyscottproductions did you find a fix for this, i have just the surface book 2 with the 1060 and have exact same problem. Any luck with a earlier driver version? Thanks!!

jeremyscottproductions wrote on 8/27/2018, 11:19 AM

SOLVED with Vegas Pro 16!! So happy about this.... I'm finally able to use my $3000 laptop for what I bought it for, and without a bunch of crazy hacks that didn't work well anyway. :)

Trensharo wrote on 9/1/2018, 8:50 AM

Go in Windows Settings app and set it to run Vegas on the High Performance GPU. Otherwise effects only refresh of acceleration is set to the Intel CPU.

Windiws Settings. Not NVidia Control Panel. Leave that alone.

j-v wrote on 9/15/2018, 9:35 AM

This problem is also solved with the latest NVidia drivers updates from 399,07 on and higher.

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