Error 17. It worked yesterday and now it doesn't.

cardozodiego13 wrote on 9/4/2020, 6:00 PM

I bought the game from steam a couple of days ago. Paid full price as it was and i got charged by my country 30USD in taxes for it. Now I entered to check and it doesn't work at all! I get constantly prompted by "error 17" and can't use absolutely anything. I paid for this product and I can't believe you guys are doing this to us, clients. You have no steam moderators to help us and ALL of the community in Steam which are a lot are left abandoned.
Our client rights are being violated if you tell us that the solution to a problem that you put yesterday is to refund. I am a client, I bought a copy of this software and I don't need to lose another 30USD in taxes to buy this again from your page. Also, the money is refunded to Steam if we refund. How am I supposed to get it back to my wallet? The moderators should give real solutions.


vkmast wrote on 9/4/2020, 6:53 PM

See here. The actual solutions won't come from any moderators, only from the companies involved. Thank you for your post.