Expand track layers annoying 'feature'

marcel-vossen wrote on 5/27/2015, 3:42 AM
Hi all,

Almost every week I come across this annoying 'feature' in vegas 12 where I do something wrong while dragging a clip on the timeline up or down when my timeline view suddenly changes into a mess with double tracks, red markers and lines in the view etc.
When I right click on the track, 'expand track layers' is checked , but unchecking it doesn't completely undo this mess, there are still red lines and other strange things in my timeline that I don't need and don't know how to reset...

I'm sure this is a very useful feature for some, but I don't need it and I don't know how to change it back to the normal view, so I always end up by closing Vegas, losing my last changes after the last save operation...

Does anyone know what I should do to 'undo' this unwanted dragging in the timeline, because 'undo' doesnt fix it either...



Dexcon wrote on 5/27/2015, 5:19 AM
To get the expanded track layers, you've most probably double-clicked on the left or right-hand edge of a video clip. The red marker on the edge on one of the video clips indicates which video clip has been clicked to activate expanded track layers.

The easiest way to exit the expanded view is to double-click the red marker on the edge of the video clip, and the timeline should return to normal.

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malowz wrote on 5/27/2015, 5:47 AM
i click by mistake often and is really annoying. mainly because my pc is not that fast, and takes a while to get back after the accidental double click.

i would love a option to disable this feature...
PeterWright wrote on 5/27/2015, 5:51 AM
I sympathise - the thing I do accidentally sometimes is minimise all tracks, then I have to resize each one manually - Undo doesn't seem to take me back to where I once belonged ....
rs170a wrote on 5/27/2015, 7:40 AM
... the thing I do accidentally sometimes is minimise all tracks, then I have to resize each one manually...

Peter, there are several was to do this. My usual method is to double click in the blank vertical area to the far right of the tracks. This will wither minimize or maximize track height.
Here are a few more methods from the online Help menu.
Press Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow or Down Arrow to change the height of all tracks at once.
Press ` to minimize all tracks. Press again to restore tracks to their previous height. When restoring track height, tracks that you previously minimized are not restored—you can restore these tracks by clicking the Restore Track Height button on the track header.
Press Ctrl+` to return all tracks to the default height.

ken c wrote on 5/27/2015, 7:47 AM
i frequently ctrl-s after every edit to save, so if that happens i can kill vegas in task mgr and restart
rmack350 wrote on 5/27/2015, 10:13 AM
The easiest way to exit the expanded view is to double-click the red marker on the edge of the video clip, and the timeline should return to normal.

I'm finding that Vegas is really slow to respond to this second double-click. The solution is to do it only once and then count to ten.

Richard Jones wrote on 5/28/2015, 5:41 AM
Doesn't pressing 5 on the numeric key pad get you out of this?

marcel-vossen wrote on 5/28/2015, 6:32 AM
Thanks all!

I'm happy to see I'm not the only one that is annoyed by this haha
Next time I'll try your solutions!

@Peterwright Been there too, everything that can be done accidentally has been done by me in the heat of the battle of making videos.... :)

If Sony is reading this, I think this is a good one for the wishlist, an 'undo this shit' button! :)

Guy S. wrote on 5/28/2015, 9:01 AM
This drove me crazy too! Fortunately there's an easy way to return to normal track view: Just hit Esc!
Arthur.S wrote on 5/28/2015, 2:59 PM
+1 for No 5.
PeterWright wrote on 5/28/2015, 7:36 PM
Thanks Mike, that's very useful!

(Only just read your reply, partly owing to the fact that colour coding to show new forum posts does not seem to work any more - it always used to, please fix SCS!
megabit wrote on 5/29/2015, 2:30 AM
The Esc button should get you out of the expanded view in no time...


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VMP wrote on 5/29/2015, 4:46 AM
Same here, unwanted feature for me that sets of when dubble clicking the edge of a clip.
Getting back to normale mode takes time due to Vegas hanging after the initial activiation of the feature.

What is the use of this feature? After reading the help page I still don't get it. Anyone use it?
Is there a way to disable this feature from activating?

SCS has my vote for disabeling this feature for good.

Richard Jones wrote on 5/29/2015, 5:21 AM
I don't use it that often but I do like the feature, especially when editing together sequences taken from different angles or with two cameras. The Sony webinar ( by Gary: I think it was the one that introduced the features of Vegas 12 not so long after it was launched) gives an excellent demonstration of how it might be used, It can be found using one of the menus at the top of the page.

OldSmoke wrote on 5/29/2015, 7:25 AM
I watched that tutorial and was actually impressed with that feature. It's a somewhat a different kind of Multicam editing. If for example you have only one camera and take multiples shots from different angles it will come in handy to align the shots. But I agree that there should be on option the disable the feature. It could be made a menu item similar to multicam editing which needs to be enabled in order to work.

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Chienworks wrote on 5/29/2015, 4:21 PM
This shouldn't be an 'undo' function, since it doesn't actually *DO* anything. It's pretty much the same as resizing the preview window, or changing from explorer view to project media view. You wouldn't expect 'undo' to put such changes back because they didn't change the project.

On the other hand, i have often wished that Vegas/ACID/Forge/etc. had a 'lock my display' button that turned off the ability to adjust anything at all. Too often i've missed with the mouse and dragged a window border instead of moving an event. Of course, it should be just as easy to turn this off again to allow readjustments when we want them.
Tim Stannard wrote on 5/30/2015, 3:49 PM
@Richard & OldSmoke
Could either of you point me in the direction of the webinar. I can never find the webinars when I go looking and I've just spent another 10 minutes searching before deciding to admit I'm a total numpty.
vkmast wrote on 5/30/2015, 4:42 PM
Tim, try this.
http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/training/vegaspro/videos An introduction to Vegas Pro 12.
It was discussed previously here .
Tim Stannard wrote on 5/31/2015, 4:33 PM
Thanks vkmast. Much appreciated. I'd found the second link - it was the webinar I was after. I think I missed that one. I'm off now to watch it :)
VMP wrote on 6/10/2015, 5:03 AM

Ha! 16:28!! Mister Rebholz gets into trouble with that feature too!

*Double clicks on the event edge.
"Ehm that's a new feature...I didn't mean to go there..lets get back"

Double-click-event-edge-enable-expand-track-layers must be disabled! :-D

SCS next update? ;-)
PeterWright wrote on 6/10/2015, 5:59 AM
> "SCS next update? ;-)"

Before you fix that SCS, please sort out this forum - it used to be easy to see when there was a new post thru' your color/bold changes. Now it's not. That's not progress.
VMP wrote on 6/10/2015, 6:49 AM

Do you mean new threads (on top) having 'bold' title? It still see it. Maybe it's your browser?
Have you tried another browser?

ushere wrote on 6/10/2015, 8:08 AM
+1 vmp. sorry peter, think it might be your browser ;-(