How to add media to project but not timeline?


EricLNZ wrote on 6/9/2019, 5:37 AM

@Marco. Your link doesn't take me to the page.I'd expect This one which vkmast gave me months ago appears more suitable.

vkmast wrote on 6/9/2019, 7:36 AM

@EricLNZ it should as well if you choose "My problem is not solved here". ATM (for me) it takes ages to proceed in the process.

EricLNZ wrote on 6/9/2019, 5:50 PM

Thanks vk but this is the page that opens for me from the link. Obviously I'm missing something?

vkmast wrote on 6/10/2019, 1:15 AM

@EricLNZ click "13.Common questions". "My problem is not solved here" is on the next page. Choose that. This works for me.