How to de-register an account from Vegas Pro

Max-B wrote on 4/17/2020, 6:20 AM

I have been having trouble trying to find out how to unregister an account from my copy of Vegas Pro 17. During the registration phase of setting it up I had put in a new account because I wasn't receiving the password change email as I had forgotten it and got locked out for an hour.

I checked the support website and it said to call in to the sales team but due to COVID-19 there is no on in the offices. What should I do to get this changed to my original account as it wont let me work on it with the Error 24?

Some help would be much appreciated

Kind regards



vkmast wrote on 4/17/2020, 6:28 AM

Did you check the Support advice?

Max-B wrote on 4/17/2020, 6:32 AM

I did indeed but I can't change the account which the software is registered to. Only the emails addresses. Is there a method to deregister a product and register it again with the correct account?

vkmast wrote on 4/17/2020, 6:38 AM

See if this current thread helps.

Max-B wrote on 4/17/2020, 6:46 AM

Thanks for the link vk but after reading through it. It sounds like the user just changed the name and email address on the profile to the person they wanted to give it too but I can't do that with it being on a separate account to the one I want it to be on as both accounts can't share the same email address.

vkmast wrote on 4/17/2020, 6:59 AM

He did not "just change the name and email address". And do you actually want your license to be available on two different accounts??

Max-B wrote on 4/17/2020, 7:04 AM

"Arold wrote on 4/17/2020, 9:09 AM

Thanks, everybody, for all your help. In the end, I simply changed the name and email address on my Magix account to those of the new user."

That is what the user said which is why I said they "just changed the name and email address" his words not mine.

I don't want the license on two accounts. It's the exact opposite. I want it to be moved to the account I actually use. Not the one I made to register it when I could't log into my old account.


vkmast wrote on 4/17/2020, 7:08 AM

Aroid wrote earlier there: "I can see how to deactivate it in 'My Account' (and have done so)".

Did you read the EULA p.7 that was quoted?

Max-B wrote on 4/17/2020, 7:13 AM

I did and I did see that he deactivate it but it didn't sound like it actually helped him unregister it from the account if he ended up changing the name and email address on the account he was currently using. Which isn't what I want to do.

I have read the quoted EULA part but I still am not sure what it means by MAGIX product license slots.

vkmast wrote on 4/17/2020, 7:19 AM

Re "license slots" see the screengrab here.

And if the suggestions given here help, you might want to Ask Support. Please click on "Support New" at the top of this page.

Max-B wrote on 4/17/2020, 7:22 AM

Thank you for your help vk. I'll see if I can get a hold of support.

Max-B wrote on 4/17/2020, 7:41 AM

Okay so I had no luck trying to get a hold of support as I apparently need a support voucher and it's saying that the software I have bought is too old even though I just bought it yesterday. I am really lost now.

I have deactivated the computer it was on though it hasn't unregistered it. So what do I do?

vkmast wrote on 4/17/2020, 7:56 AM

To recap

Max-B wrote on 4/17/2020, 7:59 AM

Just deactivated the software and uninstalled it from the machine but now I can't open the software because it is giving me the error 24 saying that it's still linked to the other account.

vkmast wrote on 4/17/2020, 8:05 AM

After clicking Ask Support,

Click the FIND A SOLUTION button.
Click the relevant option..
Click the product you are using from the choices provided.
A list of answers for different issues will appear. 
If none of those address the issue click SEARCH FOR OTHER SOLUTIONS.
Type the issue you are experiencing into the search bar provided. 
Log into your support account.
Type the description of the issue. 
Fill in the information requested on the next page and click SUBMIT SUPPORT REQUEST.


Max-B wrote on 4/17/2020, 8:12 AM

Thank you for the help vk. Not sure why submitting a support request is so out of the way. I would of never found it without those directions.

Dexcon wrote on 4/17/2020, 9:02 AM


Contact Us / Support Request / etc avenues are becoming so much more and more harder to find on so many companies websites these days. Basically, companies just don't want us to contact them anymore probably because that means they have to pay staff to take the call. I tried to contact Norton earlier today. Before they would even give me a phone number to call on their website, I had to fill out a request form to detail my issue. After ringing the magically released phone number, it showed an average wait time of 5 minutes, but then a pre-recorded voice recording advised that the wait could be hours. It didn't really matter - the connection went to dial tone after about 10 minutes of waiting.

All this hiding 'contact us' links started well before CV-19 and its horrible consequences.

More often than not: Contact Us or the like just takes you to FAQs.

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