Lost Serial Key

Charley wrote on 11/29/2010, 3:08 PM
Hi there, I just updated my computer to window 7 and I had to reinstalle Vegas Movie Studio 9. Only problem is I've lost my serial key. I bought it on line about 2 years ago and I cant find the email with the serial key in it.

Is there anyway I can get the key back or have it sent to me?
P.S. I copied the whole programme folder over so if its in there can someone tell me where?

Thank You


musicvid10 wrote on 11/29/2010, 3:38 PM
All of your registered software history, with serial numbers is accessible My Software by clicking the Forum Settings button at the right.
Charley wrote on 11/29/2010, 4:11 PM
Thank You soooooo much, I was going insane trying to work out how to get it back. You have made my day.
Former users wrote on 10/8/2016, 7:08 PM

I lost my Sony Vegas Pro 13 serial key. Can you please recover it?

vkmast wrote on 10/12/2016, 3:18 PM

(D?) see this comment


julien-b wrote on 2/10/2019, 10:53 PM

Hi, I lost my serial key. I don't know where it is. Is there a way to get my old serial key online?


Thank you


EricLNZ wrote on 2/11/2019, 2:21 AM

Have a look at the link in vkmast's post further up this thread.

vkmast wrote on 2/11/2019, 2:37 AM

See also this https://www.vegascreativesoftware.info/us/forum/lost-serial-number--114062/#ca705135