Magix support system

LanceMGY wrote on 8/10/2020, 9:11 PM

Does anyone else have issues with Magix support system in trying to send a message to tech support? Every time I try, it always says my product is too old and then only gives an option to purchase a voucher. I just got VP17 a while back, how can the product be too old? I got that same error message RIGHT after purchasing VP17, and I just tried to send another message and got the same error. Only way to get a message through, without the ridiculous 'support voucher' nonsense is to contact their sales department. Is there a proper, better way to contact Magix tech support? Thanks for the help.


RogerS wrote on 8/11/2020, 2:34 AM

Did you try "Ask Support" here? I never got a reply about vouchers in the past.

vkmast wrote on 8/11/2020, 2:41 AM

Creating a ticket.