MAGIX Vegas Studio-v14

UKharrie wrote on 7/10/2016, 4:22 PM
Hopefully we'll get an easier suite of names soon enough.

I wonder if anyone of the Customers has been asked what they'd like in v14? - and possibly some changes to the Interface, while they are about it.
........Any thoughts?.......
We should include the other Software in the full Suite - again, there are rather confusing names about . . . and I know Magix had difficulty in making program Names easy... to the extent I couldn't include HD footage, despite it being mentioned on the box. .Such "confusion" does not make for Loyalty, so I bought SMS twice.


vkmast wrote on 7/10/2016, 5:36 PM
I am trying to understand the last couple of "sentences" of your post.
What's "the other software" that "we" should include in which "Suite"?
Have you bought previously something from MAGIX that was falsely advertised?
Why did you have to buy SMS (the Sony/SCS software?) twice?
Do you test with the trials of the programs before buying? I believe most NLEs have free, though time-limited, trials you could download.

And I've no idea if "anyone of the Customers has been asked what they'd like in v14,"
You could have posted e.g. in this thread to request your fixes.
There are miles-long wish lists for the next version of Pro on the relevant forums here and on the CCow. From a MAGIX staffer (who is an ex-SCS person) on the CC thread: "Thanks for the feedback. We have been collecting and documenting product suggestions. Keep 'em coming."
I don't see why this would not apply to the new VEGAS Movie Studio as well. According to MAGIX it should be out late February so you still may have time.
movie-studio-guy wrote on 7/12/2016, 4:09 AM
I'm hoping that magix adds much needed features to both the movie studio line and Vegas pro. But, I'm fearful that they'll mess up the best parts of the programs when doing so. The best thing about Movie Studio and Vegas Pro is the ease of use and power of timeline editing. Nothing is cluttered, it's clean, simple, powerful and almost perfect. Every other editor I have used feels like being stuck in mud. Too many bells and whistles getting in the way of the editor or just unfriendly editing tools. Of course, Movie Studio definitely needs an upgrade in the features department. If hitfilm4 wasn't so clunky in the interface, I'd switch. I need freehand masking and Sony seems to think that it's a feature reserved for Vegas Pro. Well, I got news for you... Hitfilm gives it away for free. So does Blender. It's time for freehand masking in Movie Studio.

Anyway... I hope they don't screw it up!
UKharrie wrote on 7/18/2016, 7:47 AM
I would vote for that - possibly "Bezier Curve?" - but it needs two additional parameters-
1) the ability to change shape as the Target moves ( Faces/objects ) - and-
2) the ability to move around the screen.

Whilst this can be done using pan-crop ( Oh how I hate that feature's interface - completely bonkers IMHO ). . . . . it is very tedious and subject to error, whereas the computer can follow pixels very easily.

However, I suspect this is difficult to achieve, as in Sony camcorders they have Face-recognition ( Even Smiles !) . .. but if the box moves off the screen for a moment, the computer manages to "forget" it even happened.
This is a serious issue with tracking-Focus - - - if someone passes in front of the camera, the focus is blown . . . . you would think that was one of the first "Obvious Scenarios" - when the box changes dramatically, WAIT - does it reappear with the next 5-seconds? Yet the Sony Software department erases it and the Focus is lost, instead of locking on the last-setting. If I was writing the interface, I'd "tilt" the box, indicating it is "broken" and needs a new target . . . . but to "lose the plot" just because someone walks "across the view" is really stupid. . . . . mind-you so is having just 2-Seconds for SloMo - without being able to stop it if the "Start" is false . . .since that takes over 13seconds to return to normal. The 2-sec. duration is woefully short . . . other makes can achieve SloMo AFTER the event, so you don't miss the important action.
Also - why don't camcorders have a self-timer? They offer "Stills" and fall short.
AND - why is self-=time max 10 seconds? In the days of Compur shutters that was a reliability issue . . . . but surely with digital we can have a User-Set delay as another OPTION. . . . . . now Back-To
Would you say that being able to defocus the background is probably the prime use for any "Selection" on the time-line? For me that would be very nice - Subtle for sure.
Yet the selection needs to be made soft at will, =no obvious "Edge".
However, I'd suggest that SMS should allow this to continue for just 100 frames, whereas PRO would be limited by clip-length.
There has to be a difference - indeed I though PRO did have similar feature, but I have to follow your suggestion.... to comment.

Let's hope, Eh?